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Trusting Daktarin For Complete Fungal Treatment At Chemist-4-U

Daktarin completes a perfect personal health cycle by looking after a human skin, to make sure it stays fresh and disease free. Chemist-4-U lists a number of Daktarin products on its website to cater for everyone, from athletes to ordinary individuals who have trouble with fungal infections.

Where Do Fungal Infections Occur?

Fungal infections usually occur under the feet, between the toes and fingers and also under the nails. They can also appear elsewhere on the body and usually leave the skin with an unpleasant appearance. These infections usually cause irritations and itching in some cases.

Treating Fungal Infections

Daktarin provides different solutions for body, hands and feet fungal infections. Daktarin Intensiv Cream, which comes in 15g and 30g packages, is used to treat fungal nail and skin infections on the feet and groin areas. It relieves the skin of itching very fast and lasts longer on your skin. Daktarin Aktiv Cream treats athletes foot and provides relief to the inflammation caused by the infection. This treatment kills the bacteria that causes the fungi and keeps it away even after treatment. Daktarin Cream helps heal the skin and nails from the effects of fungal infections and keeps these soft and moisturized. The Daktarin Powder helps treat fungal infections on the skin and provides and extra protection where dry treatment is required.

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Showing 8 results