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Earplane Kids Earplugs - 1 Pair

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Earplane Kids Earplugs - 1 Pair


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What are Earplanes Kids?

Earplanes Kids are simple earplugs which are designed to help to relieve your little one’s ear discomfort during flights while also blocking out any harsh noise. If your child suffers with ear pain and discomfort when they travel by plane, Earplanes Kids can help them to have a comfortable and peaceful journey. Hypoallergenic and reusable, Earplanes Kids are perfect for parents looking to help their little one to have an enjoyable journey.


Why do my child’s ears hurt when they’re on a plane?

Normally, air pressure in your inner ear and outer ear are at the same levels, keeping your ears balanced and comfortable. However, when you fly the air pressure in your inner ear becomes greater than the pressure in your outer ear and this imbalance makes your eardrum swell outwards. This is what causes ear pain and popping.


How will these earplugs keep my child’s ears comfortable during a flight?

Earplanes Kids work by helping to reduce air pressure in your ears, helping to keep pressure levels balanced between your inner and outer ear. This helps to relieve pain while also reducing harsh noise levels, so you can relax and enjoy your flight knowing that your child won’t be in pain.


How to use Earplanes Kids.

For best results, insert Earplanes Kids one hour before landing and remove after landing when cabin door is opened. If your child is a chronic sufferer of ear pain, you may also insert Earplanes before taking off, removing them when the plane reaches maximum altitude and replacing them before landing.

To insert, first ask your child to pinch their nose and blow gently to clear their ears. Then pull the top of the ear upward to open the ear canal and insert Earplanes Kids into the ear, ribbed end first. Turn earplug like a corkscrew until it fits snugly into the ear.


When should Earplanes Kids not be used?

Earplanes Kids are for children or those with smaller ears, if your ears are larger please use Earplanes for adults for best results. Do not use this product in situations where there is a risk that the connecting cord could become tangled or caught up during use.


Written on: 28/06/2018

Next review: 27/06/2020

Written by: LH

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