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When you’re suffering from asthma or COPD, your blue inhaler can be your best friend, helping to relieve your symptoms so you can breathe moreSee less

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Frequently Asked Questions

Children of all ages can use a salbutamol inhaler, although changes may need to be made to doses taken by young children and babies.


Children may find it difficult to use a Ventolin inhaler, so your doctor may suggest using a spacer to help them get the dose that they need.

Ventolin inhalers can’t be bought over the counter from a pharmacy, but they can be prescribed by a doctor, pharmacist, or another prescriber if they think you need it.


When you go to our Ventolin page you'll be able to start an online consultation with our prescribers from the comfort of your own home.


When you've filled out the consultation questionnaire, our prescribers will recommend suitable treatments for you based on your answers, so you can choose the one you would like to go ahead with.


If your prescription is approved by our team, it will be fulfilled by our pharmacy team and sent out to you in discreet packaging.

There are three different types of inhalers, reliever inhalers, preventer inhalers, and combination inhalers.


  • Reliever inhalers - These are your blue inhalers and they’re given to people with asthma or COPD to relieve symptoms. They’re usually used a few times a week, depending on what your doctor recommends.
  • Preventer inhalers - These are your brown inhalers and they’re given to people who need to use reliever inhalers often. They help to reduce inflammation and sensitivity in your airways by using a steroid and are used every day to help reduce your symptoms.
  • Combination inhalers - These are given to people who find that the combination of reliever and preventer inhalers isn’t enough to control their asthma symptoms. They can be different colours, depending on the inhaler you need. They’re used every day to prevent your symptoms and can be used again if you get symptoms during the day.

Ventolin Evohalers are usually safe to use during your pregnancy and while you’re breastfeeding.


Some women even find that their asthma improves or gets worse during their pregnancy, so you may find that the number of times in a day that you need to use your inhaler will change.


If you do use a salbutamol inhaler and become pregnant you should speak to your doctor about it as soon as possible, they’ll be able to guide you through your pregnancy and how your inhaler use will need to change, if it needs to at all.

COPD, which stands for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, is the name given to a group of respiratory conditions, including emphysema and chronic bronchitis.


COPD affects middle-aged or older smokers more than any other demographic, although many people may not realise that they have it.


When you have COPD you’ll experience symptoms like breathlessness, a long term chesty cough, and wheezing.


These symptoms are similar to an asthma attack but happen for long periods and often aren’t triggered by allergic reactions or your environment.


With that being said, you can still experience flare-ups of COPD, where your symptoms may get worse quite suddenly.


You will usually also find that your symptoms get progressively worse over time. Another common symptom of COPD is getting frequent chest infections, so if you’re a smoker and find that you come down with chest infections quite often you shouldn’t rule out COPD as a cause.


People with COPD will often use an inhaler as a part of their treatment, as it helps to make breathing easier as they go through other long-term treatments.


If you think that you may have COPD it’s important to speak to your doctor right away, as the condition can have a severe impact on your quality of life if it gets to be particularly bad.

Asthma is a respiratory condition which can make it more difficult for you to breathe in some situations.


When you have asthma you can experience symptoms like wheezing, breathlessness, tightness in your chest, or coughing, which can be called an asthma attack.


Asthma attacks can happen if you come into contact with a trigger, like something you’re allergic to, the cold, or smoky or polluted air.


You can also trigger asthma when you exercise or if you catch a cold or the flu.


People who have asthma often use inhalers to treat and prevent their symptoms, depending on how your asthma affects your life you may also need to take tablets.


Asthma can develop in children or adults, so if you think you’re experiencing symptoms of asthma you should speak to a doctor so they can give you a proper check-up and prescribe an appropriate treatment if you need it.