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TravelJohn Solid Waste Collection Bags (3 Pack)

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TravelJohn Solid Waste Collection Bags (3 Pack) £5.99
TravelJohn Disposable Vomit/Urine Bags (5 Pack) £5.99
TravelJohn Adventurer Sportsman Resealable Disposable Urinal (3 Pack) £5.99
TravelJohn Disposable Urinal Family Bundle £12.99

TravelJohn Solid Waste Collection bag is convenient, sanitary, discreet and compact and will help you avoid festival toilets.

Each bag is a single user waste bag made of a biodegradable plastic bag with an extra wide opening for easy use and contains our revolutionary LIQSORB® polymer pouch that solidifies liquids instantly into a leak-proof, odorless, spillproof gel that is non-toxic and safe for disposal in any waste bin.

Product Features:

- Patented LIQSORB® absorbent pouch prevents leakage
- Leakproof design
- Disposable and bio-degradable plastic
- Revolutionary "bag within a bag" design(Gusseted liner and zipper bag)
- Works like our personal disposable urinal with an extra wide spout for easy use
- TravelJohn Solid Waste Collection Bags use the same revolutionary, Leak-proof LIQSORB® Pouch and provide the same odorless, spill-proof protection.
- Box Size:6.5"x 3"x 8"
- Includes 1 scented tissue pack (20 2-ply sheets)
- Dimensions:
Unfolded: 23"x 13"x 10"(Gusseted) - Folded:6.75"x 5"

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