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What is the Travel Jane disposable urinal?

The Travel Jane disposable urinal is a portable urinal that you can take with you wherever you go. Just pop one into your bag and use it whenever you’ve gotta go and can’t find a loo. The bag is resealable, leak-free, and discreet, just throw it away when you’re done, and you won’t have to worry about finding a toilet again!


When would I need to use a portable urinal?

A portable urinal like the Travel Jane is the perfect product to take with you wherever you think you may struggle to find a loo. This could be on camping trips into the wilderness or long car journeys, or even just on a night out or to a festival where you’d rather not use the disgusting public toilets! If you think you won’t find a toilet, grab a Travel Jane!


What makes the Travel Jane different to Travel John?

The Travel Jane and Travel John have one essential difference, and no, it’s not that the Travel Jane is a lovely shade of pink. Each Travel Jane comes with an adapter that makes it easier for women to pee into the bag. Let’s be honest ladies, we know that our anatomy may be slightly harder to aim in the grand scheme of things, this adapter just makes everything a bit easier!


How does Travel Jane work?

The Travel Jane contains an absorbent LIQSORB® pouch which contains dry crystals that trap urine bacteria, turning into a gel when they come into contact with pee. The resealable bag makes the urinal leak-free, and it can be reused and resealed until it’s full, being able to contain up to 800ml before it needs to be thrown away.


Will this product fit into my handbag?

The Travel Jane is compact and discreet, measuring 2 x 2 x 5 inches when folded and weighing only 1.5oz before you use it. This makes it perfect for throwing into your handbag, backpack, or travel bag!


How to use this portable urinal

When you’ve gotta go, find a private place and pee into your Travel Jane. Then seal the bag and throw it away when you can find a bin, it’s as easy as that!


How to dispose of this product

Listen, we don’t want to see lots of Travel Janes littering the streets, so please dispose of your urinal responsibly. We don’t ask for much, just throw it into a normal rubbish bin and be on your way, job done!

Can traveljane be used sitting down,eg in a car?

It would be difficult to use sitting down on a car

I am an older lady, would this be suitable for me?

If you have the co-ordination needed to use this product, you should be totally fine.

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