All You Need To Know About Sons

Sons Founders


Who are Sons?


Sons provide tailored hair loss treatments that are clinically proven to strengthen and restore healthy hair, as well as prevent future hair loss associated with male pattern baldness.



Sons is founded by co-founders Will and Adrian.


Their aim when starting Sons was to help men understand the facts about their health, and motivate them to be more proactive in tackling their problems.



Will and Adrian not only care deeply about the health of men but also the health of the planet that we all share.


Sons review the emissions of their products each year and find ways to offset them.


Together with ClimatePartner and Grown Forest, they have selected projects to offset their carbon emissions.



How do Sons hair loss treatments work?


Sons hair loss treatments are easy and convenient to use and can be seamlessly added to your everyday routine.


By using key ingredients such as minoxidil, saw palmetto and biotin, they help to stimulate the hair follicles, reduce the overproduction of the DHT hormone in the scalp that is commonly associated with hair loss, and provide the essential nutrients needed to promote healthy hair growth.


3 Simple Steps to Hair Regrowth


  1. Use the Minoxidil topical solution to increase blood flow and oxygen to the scalp to stimulate the hair follicles and encourage growth
  2. Reduce your levels of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the scalp with a specially formulated daily shampoo that is designed to block the effects of this hormone
  3. Boost your hair’s nutrients with the Biotin vitamin supplements.



How quickly will I see results?


Using the products consistently over a period of time gives you the best results, and this can generally be seen after 6 months of consistent use.


After 3 months of treatment, you may not have noticed a huge difference as visible improvements take time.


Many people begin to see a reduction in hair loss and signs that new and healthy hairs are growing after around 6 months.


Around 9-12 months is when you’ll really notice a difference. Thicker and more dense hairs will come through, giving you a fuller look.


How effective are Sons hair loss treatments?


Sons treatments work. More and more guys are using our products, and the results speak for themselves.



Harry S, 24, Surrey


Harry Testimonial


"I just wanted to send you guys a message to tell you how pleased I am with my results after 3 months of using the full works treatment. I thought I would give it a go as an alternative to a transplant and I’m so glad I made that decision."


Sam Vincent, 26, Wales


Sam Testimonial


"Pretty speechless at the progress made from January until now, see pics below. Just wanted to say a huge thanks!"


Oli, 32, Cumbria


Oli Testimonial


“I’ve been using Sons for five months now and am really impressed with the results. Thanks for your help”


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