Sons Hair Loss Treatments

Sons provide tailored hair loss treatments that are clinically proven to strengthen and restore healthy hair, as well as prevent future hair loss associated with male pattern baldness.


Whether you’re showing the early signs of hereditary hair loss, or you want to give your hair a fuller look, Sons’ tailored treatments can help you achieve a more youthful and healthier head of hair.


Backed by science, Sons’ products have proven to retain natural hair and even grow new hair in over 90% of men.


How do they do this?


By using key ingredients such as Minoxidil, Saw Palmetto, and Biotin, they help to stimulate the hair follicles, reduce the overproduction of the DHT hormone in the scalp that is commonly associated with hair loss, and provide the essential nutrients needed to promote healthy hair growth.

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Sons Minoxidil 5% Cutaneous Solution - 3 Month Supply


Sons Minoxidil 5% Cutaneous Solution - 6 Month Supply


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