Gillette Venus Embrace Women's Razor Blade 4 Refills

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What are Gillette Venus Embrace Razor Blade Refills?

Venus Embrace Razor blades are part of the Gillette Venus Razor Refill Range that can be used with any Gillette Venus Handle (except Simply Venus). Featuring a lasting ribbon of moisture that is suitable for sensitive skin which allows the razor to glide smoothly for a longer period of time.

How does Venus Embrace work?

Five curve-hugging blades follow the contours of your body to remove virtually every hair, whilst a lasting ribbon of moisture makes skin feel smoother, providing a pampering experience and long-lasting smoothness. The sleek handle with a soft grip ensures perfect control and safe handling, even when wet.

What Makes Gillette Venus Reusable Razors different?

Generic disposable razors are convenient. They last up to 10 shaves and can be disposed of easily when no longer needed. Gillette Venus Reusable Razors are different as they feature a single handle with detachable blade cartridges that you can refill as needed. They can last longer than disposable razors and give you more of a choice for the shave that is right for you. There is a vast range of Gillette Venus Cartridges that fit any Gillette Venus handle (except Simply Venus) and they are easy to replace, so you can mix and match the Gillette Venus Cartridge to suit your need, whenever you need to. Gillette Venus Reusable Razors are also better for the environment, as the refillable handle means you only need to dispose of the cartridge rather than the entire razor, which reduces the amount of plastic being thrown away.

How to use Gillette Venus Embrace Refills.

Venus Embrace Refills are easy to use- simply click into the refillable handle and you’re good to go! Wet the skin and apply shaving gel. Work the gel into a lather, then use your Venus razor to start shaving. Shave upwards on your legs, starting at your ankle and shave in all directions under your arms to catch every hair.

Don’t own a refillable handle? Why not try a Gillette Venus Starter Pack? Each pack includes a refillable handle and Venus Refills.

For an extra luxurious shaving experience, try Gillette Women’s Shaving Gels:


How often should you change your Venus Razor Cartridge?

Changing your razor blades cartridges regularly is so important as dull blades can cause cuts and clogged blades will not provide a close shave. How often you should change your razor blades, depends on how often you shave:

Daily:  Change your Cartridge every 1-2 weeks.

Every other day: Change your cartridge every 2-3 weeks.

Once a week: Change your cartridge every 4-6 weeks.


When NOT to use Gillette Razor Blades

Do NOT use Venus Razor Blades if you are allergic to any of the listed ingredients used in the moisture ribbon (see ingredients tab for full list). These razor blades are suitable for external use only.



  • Moisture Bar Ingredients:

    PEG-115M, PEG-7M, PEG-100, BHT, Tocopheryl Acetate, Aloe Barbadensis, Vitis Vinifera
    Persea Gratissima

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