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Imodium Is Available To Buy From Chemist-4-U

Imodium is a brand name for Loperamide-based medications – which are used to combat diarrhoea. It is commonly used for inflammatory bowel disease, short bowel syndrome and gastroenteritis. It was first produced in 1969 and medically used later in 1976. 

How does Imodium Work?

Diarrhoea certainly doesn’t give a notice before it comes knocking on the door of your bowels and you definitely won’t be running off to work when the toilet is calling you. This is why you must always be prepared. How do you do that? With Imodium!

When you have diarrhoea, there is a disruption in the normal rate of functioning of the small intestine. Ideally, the final stage of food breakdown occurs here, followed by nutrient absorption from such foods. But when diarrhoea sets in, the food passes through the small intestine too quickly, meaning a reduced rate of nutrient absorption and increased rate of stooling.

When Imodium is taken, it is directly absorbed into the wall of your small intestine and it slows down the digestion and absorption processes to the normal speed, while also helping to solidify the waste product (feces). Thus, your intestine now has ample time to perform nutrient absorption, which means less waste production and ultimately reduced stooling.

When next diarrhoea comes knocking, give it a shot of Imodium and it’ll bolt in no time. Imodium products come in a variety of forms including Caplets, Tablets, gels and solutions, which provide an effective and fast relief from diarrhoea.

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