Jungle Formula Maximum Insect Repellent Aerosol - 125ml

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Laura Henderson - Medical Content Writer
Laura Henderson
Medical Content Writer
James O'Loan - CEO & Superintendent Pharmacist
James O'Loan
CEO & Superintendent Pharmacist

What is Jungle Formula Maximum aerosol?

Jungle Formula Maximum aerosol is an insect repellent spray that’s ideal for use in tropical and long-haul destinations. If you’re travelling to a tropical destination and need protection from insect-borne diseases like malaria and the zika virus, this product can provide high strength protection when you need it most. When used with other mosquito protection, Jungle Formula maximum can help to keep you protected from disease for your whole trip.


Why is it important to use an insect repellent spray?

It’s very important to use an insect repellent spray when you go to an area with a risk of insect-borne disease as they keep insects from biting or stinging you, which is how they spread disease. Insect-borne diseases can be very serious, and sometimes fatal, with some of the most common disease risks including:

  • Zika virus
  • Malaria
  • Yellow fever
  • Dengue fever
  • West Nile virus
  • Chikungunya


How will the DEET in Jungle Formula Maximum repel mosquitos and other insects?

Jungle Formula Maximum contains 50% DEET, which is also known as diethyltoluamide. This means that it provides up to 12 hours of protection from mosquitos and other insect bites. DEET works by interfering with the receptors in mosquitos, keeping them from recognising you as prey so they won’t want to bite you. DEET doesn’t kill any insects, just confuses them so they’ll stay away from you.


What kinds of travel destinations is Jungle Formula Maximum suitable for?

A Jungle Formula Maximum aerosol is ideal for most long-haul travel destinations, including tropical destinations. The 50% DEET in this product is recommended by the WHO to prevent mosquito bites in tropical destinations, being the most long-lasting DEET formula available.


Can I use this product if I’m pregnant?

If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, you should speak to your doctor or pharmacist before using this product, to ensure it’s safe for you to use. However, the NHS recommends that you should not travel to any tropical destination or malaria-risk zone during pregnancy. Some insect-borne diseases, including malaria, can be very harmful to you and your unborn baby, so avoid any non-essential travel to tropical areas.


Can I use this product if I have asthma?

If you have asthma, an aerosol insect repellent like this one may not be the best choice for you. Instead, we’d recommend using the Jungle formula Maximum pump spray or roll-on to keep insects at bay without aggravating your asthma.


How to use this insect repellent spray

Apply a generous amount of Jungle Formula Maximum to any areas of skin that aren’t covered by clothing. Apply in an even coating, paying special attention to areas like your arms and legs. Take care when applying to areas around the face, if you’re having trouble using an aerosol to cover sensitive areas like your face, try using a lotion or roll-on product instead. Reapply as needed, for more information please read the instructions which are included with this product.


When should this product not be used?

Jungle Formula Maximum should not be used in children unless you are specifically advised to do so by your doctor. Do not use this product if you are allergic to any of the listed ingredients. Jungle Formula products are manufactured in a place which does not process any nuts and these products do not contain latex. However, if you have a lot of allergies, we recommend testing this product on a small spot to check for reactions before use in larger areas. This aerosol is highly flammable and should be kept away from fire or other sources of heat or ignition. Do not smoke while using this product.


How to store this aerosol

Store in a cool, dry place which is below 50 degrees C. Protect from direct sunlight. Do not use this product if the expiry date printed on the original packaging has passed. Do not pierce or burn the container, even after use. Keep out of sight and reach of children.


Important information

This product is a medicine; make sure to speak to your doctor or Chemist 4 U pharmacist before taking this product if you have an underlying medical problem or are taking any other medicine or complementary therapy. If your symptoms get worse or continue after taking this product, contact us or your doctor. For medical services in your area, please refer to https://www.nhs.uk

If you are pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or breastfeeding, speak to your doctor or our pharmacist before taking this product. If you suffer from any allergies, ask your doctor or our pharmacist if this medicine is right for you.

Store all medicines out of sight and reach of children.

Please read the included leaflet carefully before using this product.

Please contact your GP if appropriate regarding this product.


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Jungle Formula Maximum Insect Repellent Aerosol - 125ml Reviews

By Faye Taylor,
July 05, 2023
Excellent product
By Matthew,
July 19, 2022
Use this all the time. Excellent
By Mark Downie,
June 21, 2022
I've used this several times when holidaying to Rhodes - no mosquito bites for me!!
By Teresa,
April 12, 2022
Very competitive price

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