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Gillette Fusion5 ProShield Chill Razor

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Gillette Fusion5 ProShield Chill Razor


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What is the Gillette Fusion5 ProShield Chill Razor?

The Gillette Fusion5 ProShield Chill is a manual razor from Gillette that offers a shave that you will hardly feel. This is thanks to the 5 anti-friction blades and the lubrication before and after the blades which reduce irritation. The lubrication in the ProShield Chill also provides a cooling effect when shaving. The FlexBall technology on the handle will help to tackle hard to reach hairs and the precision trimmer on the back of the blades will help when it comes to styling. The Fusion5 ProShield handle is suitable for all Fusion5 refills, and also the Gillette Skinguard blades.


What is the difference between the ProShield and the ProShield Chill?

The Gillette Fusion5 ProShield and ProShield Chill both offer the same 5 blade shave with lubrication. The biggest difference between the two is the cooling effect of the ProShield Chill. This doesn’t make the ProShield Chill objectively better, as some may prefer not to have the cooling effect. The way to know which one is for you is to try both, which is easy thanks to the fact that they both use the same handle.


Who is the Fusion5 ProShield Chill suitable for?

The Gillette Fusion5 ProShield Chill is suitable for anyone who is looking for a close shave with a low risk of irritation. If your skin is highly sensitive when shaving, then it is recommended that you speak to a dermatologist for advice before using this razor.


How should Gillette Fusion5 ProShield Chill Razor be used?

This Gillette razor can be used like any other. The recommended method of using a shaver is as follows:

  • Wet the face with warm water. This opens up the pores on the skin to make the hairs easier to cut. Wet hairs are also easier to cut than dry ones.
  • Apply a shaving gel or foam, which will prepare the face for shaving. The lathered up gel or foam applied to the face will help to protect the skin against cuts and irritation as well. This can also be used as a guide as to where to shave next.
  • After shaving, wash any leftover gel or foam off with cold water. The cold water will close the pores up again and reducing irritation when applying any cologne.
  • A post shave balm or treatment should be used in order to help hydrate and moisturise the skin.


How long do the ProShield Chill blades last for?

In most cases, the blades for the ProShield Chill last for around a month. Though this, of course, depends on how often the razor is used. The signs of when to change the blades on a razor include the razor pulling on hairs when shaving and it starting to cut the skin.

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