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  • Fortacin 150mg + 50mg Cutaneous Spray 6.5ml
  • Fortacin 150mg + 50mg Cutaneous Spray 6.5ml
Fortacin 150mg + 50mg Cutaneous Spray 6.5ml_30

Fortacin 150mg + 50mg Cutaneous Spray 6.5ml

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Fortacin is not recommended for use whilst your partner is pregnant unless you use a male condom (made of material other than polyurethane-based material) to prevent exposure of the unborn child.

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What is Fortacin and what does it do?

Fortacin is used for the treatment of premature ejaculation in adult men. It is a cutaneous spray that reduces the sensitivity of the head of the penis to delay ejaculation.

Fortacin contains 2 active ingredients: lidocaine and prilocaine. These are local anesthetics that cause temporary numbing and loss of feeling in the skin.


When is Fortacin prescribed?

Fortacin is indicated for the treatment of premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation in adult men is characterised by ejaculating too quickly during sexual activity and/or intercourse. Fortacin is primarily prescribed when premature ejaculation is a lifelong issue, rather than irregular occasions.


Is Fortacin suitable for my condition?

Yes, Fortacin may be suitable if you are male and suffer from lifelong premature ejaculation. However, each order of Fortacin is assessed on an individual basis by our doctors. Certain conditions and medicines may affect the suitability of this treatment. Fortacin may not be prescribed if any of the following applies to you:

  • - If you or your partner is allergic or sensitive to lidocaine, prilocaine or any of the other ingredients listed in the patient information leaflet.
  • - If you or your partner have been diagnosed with a genetic disease or other condition affecting your red blood cells, anaemia or methaemoglobinaemia.
  • - If you suffer from severe liver problems.

If you are unsure if Fortacin is suitable for you, consult your GP before use.


What is the recommended dosage of Fortacin?

You should follow the doctor’s instructions on how to use this medicine. The doses outlined below is for your reference only.


Fortacin dosages for adult men:

The recommended dose of Fortacin is 3 sprays on the head of the penis before sexual intercourse/activity.


How to apply Fortacin:

To apply the spray, shake the container before use. If the container is new and has not been used before, spray 3 times into the air to prime the spray mechanism. If you have used the container before, spray once into the air before use.

Retract any foreskin from the head of the penis.
Hold the spray container a couple of inches (5cm) from the head of the penis and apply 1 dose (3 sprays) by covering a third of the head with each spray.

Wait 5 minutes and then wipe off any excess spray before intercourse.

Do not exceed 3 doses in any 24 hour period. Leave at least 4 hours between doses.


Does Fortacin cause any side effects?

Yes, like all medicines Fortacin may cause side effects. However, not everyone gets them. Common side effects associated with the use of Fortacin include:

  • - Numbness of the penis.
  • - Erectile dysfunction (inability to develop or maintain an erection).
  • - Genital burning sensation.


Can I reduce the risk of getting side effects?

Yes, read the patient information leaflet before use to familiarise yourself with any conditions or medicines that may interact with Fortacin. For example, Fortacin may interact with medicines such as, but not limited to heart medicines, medicines for high blood pressure and medicines reducing the acid in the stomach (cimetidine).

To reduce the risk of side effects and interactions between drugs, always write down any medicines you may take, over the counter as well as prescription medication, when you fill in the medical questionnaire.


How do I buy Fortacin online?

You need a prescription from a GMC registered doctor to buy Fortacin online. Through Doctor-4-U, you can request an online prescription from our registered doctors. All you need to do is supply our doctors with some information about your condition through the medical questionnaire.

Once you have chosen your treatment and submitted the questionnaire, it will be assessed by one of our doctors. If suitable, the doctor will accept your request and a prescription will be issued. Your medicine will then be dispensed by our UK pharmacy and sent by tracked delivery to your chosen address. Your medicine is usually dispatched within 24 hours after ordering.

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