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Beechams is a world-renowned British pharmaceutical brand whose history spans well over a century providing remedies for cold and flu. Beechams utilizes a powerful painkiller-decongestant combination to effectively combat and alleviate symptoms of cold and flu.

The common active ingredients in Beechams products are paracetamol, phenylephrine, guaifenesin, caffeine and aspirin, which are combined differently in different products. The range of Beechanms products include caplets, capsules, powder and liquid – all targeted at providing a powerful painkilling and decongesting effect.

How Beechams Fixes Pain and Congestion

When someone has a cold or flu, there is an inflammation of the walls of nasal sinuses (lining found in the nostrils). This inflammation incites mucus production, as the body attempts to deal with the undesired complication – this is known as congestion. Unfortunately, this complication doesn't only make breathing difficult but also causes pain and stress.

This is where Beechams comes in and saves the day. It works by utilizing its active ingredients to relieve symptoms associated with cold and flu. Such symptoms include headache, pains and body aches, sore throat, fatigue, fever, sinus pains and blocked sinuses. The powerful combination of these active ingredients in Beechams makes it a potent remedy for cold and flu.

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Showing 12 results