Oral-B Pro 670 CrossAction Electric Toothbrush Bonus Pack

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What is the Oral-B Pro 670 electric toothbrush?

The Oral-B Pro 670 is an electric toothbrush which can clean away up to 100% more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush. It’s perfect for those who want to try an electric toothbrush for the first time without committing to a more expensive product. If you’re looking for an electric toothbrush that will give your teeth a superior clean without breaking the bank, the Oral-B 670 is the perfect choice.


How will this toothbrush help to keep my teeth clean and healthy?

This Oral-B toothbrush comes with 2 Cross Action brush heads, which is Oral-B’s most advanced brush head yet. It’s designed to clean each tooth individually, reaching deep between your teeth to clean out plaque and food build up. The toothbrush handle features a 2-minute timer which reminds you to brush for the dentist-recommended amount of time whenever you brush.


Why do I need to brush my teeth?

When you brush your teeth, you clean away plaque and debris that build up on your teeth throughout the day. Plaque is the colourless substance that you may notice on your teeth at the end of the day, and it’s made up of bacteria which can damage your teeth if given the right environment. This is why brushing your teeth for 2 minutes twice a day is an important step in preventing tooth decay and gum disease.


What’s included with this toothbrush?

This product contains your new Oral-B Pro 670 toothbrush and everything you’ll need to use it:

  • Oral-B Pro 670 electric toothbrush handle x 1
  • Oral-B Cross Action brush heads x 2
  • Toothbrush charger with UK 2 pin plug x 1


How long will this toothbrush last for when it’s charged?

When you’ve charged your Oral-B Pro 670 toothbrush, it will last for up to 10 days of brushing time before it will need to be recharged.


Which brush heads can I use with this Oral-B toothbrush?

The Oral-B 670 electric toothbrush can be used with most Oral-B brush heads, which includes:

  • Oral-B Cross Action
  • Oral-B 3D White
  • Oral-B Sensitive Clean
  • Oral-B Precision Clean
  • Oral-B Floss Action
  • Oral-B Tri-Zone
  • Oral-B Dual Clean


When should I get a new toothbrush head?

Dentists recommend that you should get a new manual toothbrush or electric toothbrush head every 3 months. This is because your toothbrush goes through natural wear and tear over 3 months of use, and this wear will eventually make it more difficult for you to clean your teeth effectively. This is why many toothbrush heads come with coloured indicator brushes which tell you when 3 months have passed and your brush needs replacing.

How do I know if my Oral-B toothbrush is charging?

Our Oral-B Vitality toothbrush doesn't come with a charging indicator feature, so it can be tricky to tell when it is charging. The best way to check whether these brushes are charging is to pick the toothbrush up off the charger after 30 mins and switch it on, if it comes to life you know that the juice is flowing and can switch it off and leave it on the charging stand for the full 16 hours it needs to retain a full charge.With these toothbrushes it's important to know that they need to be turned off in order to accept a charge. As there is no indicator light to let you know and only one button for both the on/off position, sometimes it can be difficult to know. If your toothbrush has ever ran flat whilst brushing your teeth, please make sure that you press the on/off button to turn it into an off position, because even though that there is no power it will still be turned on and so won't accept a charge when placed on the charging base.If your toothbrush doesn't come on when you pick it off the charger to check, it's likely that it may be in the on position, and so the best thing to do here is to place it back onto the charger without pressing the button again and leave it for another 30 mins and try it again. If it still doesn't come on, then there may be an issue, so just get back in touch and we can investigate it further for you.Our Vitality range of Oral-B electric toothbrushes is our simplest range, with the fewest features, for those consumers who are looking for just the basics. We like to have something for everyone! Fortunately for consumers who are looking for a charging light, the rest of our range includes one of these.

Does this toothbrush come with a charger...or is it mains only ?

The toothbrush comes with a bathroom plug charger base

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