OMRON M2 Basic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

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What is Omron M2 Basic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor?

The Omron M2 is a fully automatic blood pressure monitor that will give you accurate readings quickly and accurately without causing discomfort. The M2 has been clinically validated, which means that it has been tested by independent doctors to determine its quality. This monitor has a clear LCD display which makes it easy to get the readings quickly. It also has built-in memory which records the last reading. The M2 has what is known as IntelliSense Technology, which works to inflate the cuff only as necessary and it adjusts to maintain comfort when using.


What does the Omron M2 come with?

In the box, you will receive:

  • The M2 Monitor
  • 1 Medium sized cuff
  • 4 x AA batteries
  • A guarantee card
  • Blood pressure diary

Please note that the cuff is only suitable for arm circumferences between 22cm-32cm. If your arm is bigger, then you will need the Omron large cuff, which is sold separately.


Why should pressure be monitored?

The reason why you should monitor your blood pressure is that you may have high or low blood pressure. High blood pressure can put pressure on the organs which increases the risk of a heart attack or a stroke. Low blood pressure is not as serious in most cases, but it can cause dizziness or fainting. There are no obvious symptoms of whether you have high or low blood pressure without testing. When it comes to blood pressure, there are 2 readings:

  • Systolic pressure – the pressure that blood pushed out by the heart
  • Diastolic pressure – The pressure when your heart rests at between beats

The readings from a blood pressure monitor will be systolic pressure over diastolic pressure. This will show as 140/90mmHg for example, which means that the systolic pressure is 140mmHg and the diastolic pressure is 90mmHg. If your reading was this, then you would have high blood pressure. Normal blood pressure is between 90/60mmHg and 120/80mmHg, with low blood pressure being below 90/60mmHg.


Who is the Omron M2 suitable for?

This blood pressure monitor is suitable to be used by anyone who is looking for a monitor that will easily help to keep tabs on their blood pressure. If you are over 40, then it recommended that you have a blood pressure test conducted by the NHS every 5 years, or more often if you are at risk of serious problems.


How should the Omron M2 Basic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor be used?

Use the monitor as instructed in the included manual in order to get a reading. If your reading says that you have high or low blood pressure, then you should go and see your doctor in order to determine what should be done next.

Product Data
Omron Healthcare (UK) LTD

I have had my blood pressure monitor (model 5690420) for a number of years. I have no reason to think it isn't still accurate. Should I have it recalibrated? How do I arrange this?

With all OMRON blood pressure monitors, the recommended time between calibration depends on the use of the product. If the monitor is being used in a home or personal environment, we recommend they are re-calibrated every 2 years. If the monitor is being used in a clinical environment such as a doctors surgery, we recommend that this is done annually to ensure the accuracy of the results.

OMRON blood pressure monitors all come with a 3 year warranty from date of delivery. If you still have a copy of your receipt or invoice, we can service your monitor free of charge for 3 years from the date of delivery.

If you wish to proceed with this, please follow the below instructions to ensure a quick turnaround.

You will need to include:

  • A brief note stating that your machine requires servicing & explaining the issues you are having with obtaining readings, if any.
  • Your return address details - Items are sent out via our nominated courier so the return address needs to be where someone will be available to sign for it.
  • A daytime contact telephone number.
  • A copy of your purchase receipt or invoice (showing purchase within the last 3 years) so that we can carry the work out free of charge.

Alternatively, feel free to contact us with the serial number on the back of the monitor so that we can check when the monitor was manufactured as we can start the 3 year warranty from the manufacturing date if you no longer have a receipt. If you have had your monitor for more than 3 years, we can of course still service it outside of warranty - There is a standard charge of £30 for this which is payable by cheque made out to "OMRON Healthcare UK Ltd."

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