OMRON EVOLV All in One Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

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Faye Bonnell - Medical Content Writer
Faye Bonnell
Medical Content Writer


OMRON EVOLV is an all-in-one upper arm blood pressure monitor that allows you to take control of your blood pressure at home. Its innovative design means it’s fully portable with no wires or tubes getting in your way. The OMRON EVOLV can connect to your IOS or Android smartphone, so you can access your stats at any time and see your progress. The unique Inten Wrap Cuff Technology gives you an easy and accurate reading and is able to detect an irregular heartbeat. 

How to use this product

Before recording your blood pressure with the OMRON EVOLV, rest for at least five minutes and remove thick or tight-fitting clothing from your upper arm. Apply the arm cuff to your left upper arm - the bottom edge of the arm cuff should be 1 to 2cm above your elbow (the same level as your heart).

Close the monitor with the velcro fastener and sit in a chair with uncrossed legs and your feet flat on the ground, making sure your back and arm are supported. Try to stay as still as possible during the reading. Press the START/STOP button once to start your reading, allowing the cuff to fully inflate. When the cuff has completely deflated, you’ll be able to see your results on the screen. 

Who might need to test their blood pressure?

A blood pressure check is a routine part of many doctors appointments, but some people may need to be testing more often due to certain risk factors. People who have chronic health conditions, particularly hypertension (high blood pressure) or heart disease, will find it beneficial to keep a blood pressure monitor at home so they can test themselves regularly. 

What do blood pressure results mean? 

Your blood pressure reading will show a top number and a bottom number. The top number is your systolic blood pressure, the highest level your blood pressure reaches when your heart beats and pumps blood around your body. The bottom number is your diastolic blood pressure, the lowest level your blood pressure reaches as your heart relaxes between each beat. Your reading will be measured in millimetres of mercury (mmHg) - the ideal blood pressure reading is between 90/60mmHg and 120/80mmHg. 

If your reading is 140/90mmHg or over, your doctor will likely diagnose you with hypertension and you may be prescribed medicines to lower your blood pressure. If your reading is somewhere between 120/80mmHg and 140/90mmHg, your blood pressure is slightly higher than it should be and you’ll need to make some lifestyle changes to avoid developing hypertension. Finally, if your reading is lower than 90/60mmHg, your blood pressure may be low. 

When should this product not be used? 

This product is suitable for adults only. Do not use the OMRON EVOLV monitor if your arm is injured, under medical treatment or if you have an intravenous drip or blood transfusion. Do not use this product in areas containing high-frequency surgical equipment or MRI machines. Speak to your doctor before using this monitor if you have severe blood flow problems or blood disorders, or if you have had a mastectomy. Do not adjust any medication based on your blood pressure reading - always follow your doctor’s professional medical advice. 

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