Do weight loss pills really work?


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When it comes to losing weight, people want to do it quickly. Lots of exercise, strict diet, and supplements, including weight loss pills, are usually taken in the hope that this will speed up the process.


The question is, do these pills actually work, or are they nothing more than a placebo?


To determine this, we need to look at what these weight loss pills actually contain.


Say ‘Adios’ to unwanted weight?

Adios weight loss tablets use the active ingredient known as bladderwrack, more specifically, an extract.


There are numerous names for bladderwrack, including:

  • Black Tang
  • Bladder Fucus
  • Cutweed
  • Fucus
  • Kelp
  • Marine Oak
  • Norwegian Seaweed
  • Seawrack


Bladderwrack is a type of seaweed that is used in weight loss supplements because of its iodine content.


Iodine helps to treat thyroid conditions and can also help boost the metabolism.


That sounds great, boosting the metabolism will help to burn fat quicker and in conjunction with a balanced diet and regular exercise should help you to lose weight right?


Well, it’s a bit more complicated than that.


You see, the amount of iodine that the bladderwrack seaweed contains isn’t fixed, and can vary.


Combine that with the fact that Adios tablets only contain an extract, then the amount of iodine could be tiny, or even non-existent.


As a result, the tablets could be ineffectual when it comes to losing weight.


To answer the question, ‘Do Adios Weight Loss Tablets Help You Lose Weight?’


The answer is maybe.


For some people, Adios has helped them lose weight thanks to the Bladderwrack content but the inconsistencies found in the tablets themselves make it hard to give a definitive answer.


XLS Medical 


XLS Medical products are what are known as fat binders.


Fat binders essentially stop the body from absorbing fat, allowing for a calorie reduction when eating.


It's important to remember that fat binders don't absorb all of the fat, only some of it, which is a common misconception. 


XLS Medical have a range called XLS Medical Direct, which comes in sachets as well as tablets.


One thing you need to be careful with when it comes to fat binders is your diet.


Just because the body will absorb less fat doesn’t mean that you can eat lots of fatty foods.


This is because it can cause issues like bloating, constipation, and even diarrhoea because of the extra fat held.


Therefore, when using XLS Medical products, you need to make sure that you have a strict, balanced diet.


When using this type of product, you should drink as much water as possible to ensure that bowel movements stay normal.


Ultimately, this type of product lives or dies on its ability to deliver on what the manufacturer claims.


XLS Medical products can help you lose weight, but only with a controlled diet that keeps fat intake to a minimum.


This is because people fall into the trap of thinking that it absorbs all of the fat, but it doesn’t.


Alli Weight Loss Capsules


Alli, pronounced like ‘al-eye' and not 'alley', is another weight loss pill that helps to improve the amount of fat burned by the body.


Alli is a less potent version of the prescribed drug orlistat, often sold as the Xenical brand in many countries.


Orlistat is prescribed to assist those who are obese to help them lose weight.


Like with other weight loss products, it is never said to be the sole solution.


Alli is the only clinically proven, pharmacy-only weight loss aid available.


This is because, in 2011, restrictions were put in place for weight loss products because of the severe side effects that certain weight loss tablets and other treatments produced.


The reason why Alli requires pharmacy approval is that of one of the potential side effects Alli is said to be able to cause severe liver injury.


This is why it is important to know what you are taking.


Alli is clinically proven, so it does help when it comes to weight loss. Its popularity isn’t for nothing.


However, it isn’t a magic form of treatment, and its effectiveness relies on a balanced diet as well as exercise.


What you need to remember when using Alli, or any other weight loss aid, is that they are unlikely to help lose as much weight as you would like them to.


Alternatives to Tablets


If you want a quick form of treatment in order to lose weight, then you’ll be disappointed to hear that there isn’t one.


All of the weight loss treatments on offer all require patience and persistence.


Not everyone will want to take tablets or sachets.


Luckily, there are alternatives that aren’t either of those things.




These don’t bring all the boys to the yard. Instead, they are one of the most popular weight loss aids that aren’t a pill.


These milkshakes are designed to aid in weight loss by working as a meal replacement that is high in vitamins and minerals.


These milkshakes are intended to boost metabolism when combined with regular exercise.


Milkshakes are normally not a healthy thing to have, thanks to the high sugar content that is generally found in a milkshake.


Having them be an aid for weight loss may seem odd for some.


However, they are proven to work.


The important thing to remember is that they aren’t something to just use for two weeks, there has to be a long-term plan associated with them.




Like milkshakes, soups intended for weight loss are meant to be used as a meal replacement.


These soups contain a large number of vitamins and minerals and are intended to be used in conjunction with regular exercise and a balanced diet.


Meal Replacement Bars


Another option besides milkshakes and soups is bars that provide a high number of vitamins and minerals as well.


The bars are intended to be a meal replacement too despite only being a bar.


The advantage of these bars over having traditional meals is that the bars contain much fewer calories.


This is ideal for those who are wanting to control their calorie intake.


To answer the question…


Regarding weight loss pills and others, and whether or not they do work, is not a simple answer for everyone.


Yes, these weight loss products can work but they won’t work the same for everyone.


Ultimately, it’s a case of trying what you think will work and seeing if it does.


The results won’t be the same for everyone. 


The best way to see whether any weight loss products will work is to calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index).


To do this, use a calculator such as the one from the NHS.


If your BMI is over 28, then you should not use any weight loss treatment and go and see your doctor.


Paul Kelly - Medical Content Writer
James O'Loan - CEO & Superintendent Pharmacist
James O'Loan , CEO & Superintendent Pharmacist on 22 September 2021
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