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We know that most of our guides and advice pieces fall into lovely categories where we can give you a nice description of what you’ll find, but the human body just isn’t that simple! This is the place where all of our guides that don’t fit into specific categories live, ready to tell you more about how to get over a hangover, whether those weight loss pills advertised online really work, and even how to save money on your medication! If you’ve got some unusual pharmaceutical questions, here is where you’ll find your answers!

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What are the best tablets for short term sleep problems?

If you’ve ever lay in bed, staring at the ceiling, wondering ...

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What is PenCycle?

Wanting to recycle insulin pens or Saxenda or Wegovy injector pens? If...
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Can I take two painkillers at once?

Sometimes when you take painkillers you find that although they mak...

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10 different types of acne & how to treat them

Acne is a common skin condition that affects many people. It can be st...
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Medicine expiry dates: everything you need to know

Why do medicines have expiry dates? Medicines have expiry dates so you...
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World Oral Health Day 2024

Our mouths are worth looking after, so if you’re ready to make a ple...
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