Erectile dysfunction myths: Debunked

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According to the NHS, erectile dysfunction (ED) is common in the UK, especially for men aged 40 and over. Because it's so common, chances are that many of your male friends and family members are likely to experience it at some point in their lives – but men simply aren't talking about it.

When dealing with something that some may find embarrassing, the easiest solution is to turn to Google for help.

The only problem is that the internet is filled with so many myths and misconceptions that the answers you find may not be the most reliable.

As a result, you might end up with more questions and concerns than ever before.

So, here at Chemist4U, we've taken the most popular myths about erectile dysfunction that men search for online and provided a definitive answer to each.

That means no more second-guessing whether something is right or wrong – just some common myths busted (and one or two confirmed) so you can stop worrying and take steps to perk up your pecker.

The most commonly asked erectile dysfunction myths

Below are many of the most commonly asked questions about erectile dysfunction, which Prescriber and Clinical Lead at Chemist4U, Ian Budd, has answered.

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Can an enlarged prostate cause erectile dysfunction?

An enlarged prostate may cause erectile dysfunction (ED). An enlarged prostate can put pressure on the blood vessels supplying the penis. This pressure can make it difficult for blood to flow to the penis, which is necessary for an erection. Always discuss symptoms of an enlarged prostate with your GP, whether they lead to ED or not.

Does porn cause erectile dysfunction?

No, watching porn regularly or for a long time won't cause erectile dysfunction. However, excessive porn use can cause you to have an unrealistic attitude towards sex, which may cause ED.

Does ramipril cause erectile dysfunction?

Medications like ramipril, which is used to treat high blood pressure, may cause ED in a small number of cases. If you're taking ramipril and are experiencing ED speak to your doctor.

Does tamsulosin help with erectile dysfunction?

If your ED is caused by an enlarged prostate, tamsulosin may help treat that, which in turn can help you overcome ED. However, if your erectile dysfunction is caused by something else, tamsulosin is unlikely to help. Tamsulosin can lead to side effects, such as decreasing the volume of ejaculate.

Do aspirins help with erectile dysfunction?

Whether or not aspirins would help with erectile dysfunction would depend on the cause of the ED. It's not a treatment that doctors would recommend for ED as taking aspirin can risk increased bleeding, so you shouldn't self-treat ED with aspirin.

Does masturbation cause erectile dysfunction?

No, masturbation doesn't cause erectile dysfunction. Masturbation is completely natural and while frequently masturbating can lead to delayed orgasms and smaller volumes of ejaculate, it won't impact your ability to get an erection.

Do statins cause erectile dysfunction?

The incidence of ED with statins is unknown, but it may be a rare side effect. Conversely, statins may help ED by reducing cholesterol and improving vascular function. There is little known evidence either way.

Does weed cause erectile dysfunction?

Weed may cause erectile dysfunction in some men, with some studies finding that marijuana use can impact sex drive, erections and the ability to orgasm.

Can you still get pregnant with a man who suffers from erectile dysfunction?

Yes, ED doesn't normally affect sperm production, but conception may be difficult due to ED. If you're looking to start a family, treating ED will help you to have sex to completion, and, therefore, may improve the chance of conception.

Does having a vasectomy cause erectile dysfunction?

No, having a vasectomy doesn't impact your ability to get an erection. It also isn't known to lead to changes in your sex drive.

Do blood thinners cause erectile dysfunction?

There's no clear evidence that blood thinners can cause erectile dysfunction. The correlation may be that elderly patients with cardiovascular disease and receiving blood thinners experience ED. But this is more likely due to their age and disease state, rather than the blood thinner medication.

Can energy drinks cause erectile dysfunction?

The caffeine in energy drinks may help improve ED if used in moderation. Too many energy drinks can affect natural sleep, and exhaustion can be a cause of ED.

Does beet juice help erectile dysfunction?

More research is needed to confirm if this can affect ED. However, beet juice can help your body produce nitric oxide, which contributes toward maintaining pressure in the corpus cavernosum, which is the tissue in your penis.

Does creatine cause erectile dysfunction?

Creatine is a natural substance found in muscle tissue. It has not been associated with erectile dysfunction.

Does metformin cause erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction isn't a listed side effect of metformin and hasn't been directly associated with ED.

What is the main cause of erectile dysfunction?

Vascular disease is the main cause of ED. However, some of the main short-term causes of ED include stress, drinking too much alcohol, tiredness, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

When is erectile dysfunction permanent?

If the ED is caused by nerve damage or certain medical conditions, such as spinal injuries or multiple sclerosis, it may be permanent.

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