The Best Fragrance Gifts of 2018

Our Favourite Fragrances for the Holiday Season


Fragrances, they’re one of the best gifts you can pick up around the holiday season.


Pick the right one and you’ll be in the good books for a good 12 months, so you’ve got to be sure you’re making the right choices.


That’s why we’ve put together this fragrance gift guide that’ll help you to find something for everyone just in time for Christmas. Kiss that shopping stress goodbye!


Best perfume for women


If you’re looking for a fragrance that’s a sure to be a winner with anyone who finds in underneath their tree this Christmas, FCUK Her is your best bet.



Its light, fresh scent makes this a perfect everyday fragrance that they’ll love to wear all year round. You really can’t go wrong with this one.



Best fragrance for men


If you’re looking for 2018’s best fragrance for men, David Beckham’s The Essence is another sure-fire winner for men of all ages.



Its classic scent is perfect to wear during the day time or the evening, making this a great choice for a man who wants it all from their signature scent.



Best perfume for your girlfriend


Struggling to find the perfect present for your girlfriend this holiday season? Stop stressing and look to her favourite diva for inspiration.



Beyoncé Heat is the flagship fragrance from Queen Bey, and it’s perfect for any woman who wants to unleash their inner superstar.


Get her this and she won’t be telling you to leave everything you own in the box to the left before new year.



Best fragrance for your boyfriend


Don’t let the quirky bottle fool you, this fragrance is a great choice if you’re looking for a Christmas gift that won’t disappoint.


Benetton Cold is as cool as the name suggests, giving you a fresh, clean fragrance that is perfect for everyday wear.



On the other hand, if you’re looking for something a little warmer, Benetton Hot is this product’s sister fragrance, and it’s ideal for those who like their scents to have a spicier edge.


The best part? Both of these fragrances are unisex, so you’ll be able to “share” his bottle if you find that you love it more than you thought you would!



Best perfume for your Mum


If you’re looking for something special for your Mum this year, why not pick her up a classic from the Fragrance Foundation’s Hall of Fame (yes, that’s a thing, and I bet it smells amazing in there)?


Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds is one of the best-selling celebrity fragrances of all time, and there’s a reason why people adore this elegant floral fragrance.



If you want to really impress your Mum this holiday season and real diamonds are a little out of your price range, White Diamonds will put a huge smile on her face without breaking the bank.



Best fragrance for your Dad


Beckham’s back again, but we love his fantastic line of fragrances so much that we couldn’t resist including more than one.


David Beckham Classic is exactly what you’d expect, a classic masculine fragrance that is perfect for a Dad who fancies himself a bit of a trendsetter.



This fragrance uses notes of cedar and amber to create a woody, aromatic scent that will make your Dad feel like he could score the winning goal at the World Cup Final… if he could be bothered to get up from the sofa after Christmas Dinner.



Best fragrance for your wife


Looking for a last-minute gift for your wife and hitting a dead end? You can’t go wrong with a beautiful perfume and Minuit À New York from Gloria Vanderbilt.


This one is exactly what you need to finish off that Christmas shopping list and put you in your wife's good books until next Christmas rolls around.



It’s a lovely white floral fragrance that conjures up images of New York City’s most stylish hotspots, perfect for a woman looking for a feminine, floral scent that she’ll love to wear all year round.



Best fragrance for a teenage girl


Buying a fragrance for a teenager can be tricky, you want to get her a gift that she’ll love, which won’t be too mature or heavy.


This is why we love the Victoria’s Secret Body Mists and particularly recommend the fragrance Coconut Passion.



It’s a sweet, girly fragrance that blends notes of vanilla and coconut into a fresh, breezy scent.


Its light body mist formula makes it perfect for teenagers who are looking for their first signature fragrance.



Best perfume for your Grandma


Elizabeth Arden Red Door is our hands down favourite pick if you’re looking for a Christmas gift for your Grandma this year.


She’ll adore its classy, feminine, floral scent and the beautiful packaging on the Red Door gift set will earn you bonus points when she unwraps it on Christmas day.



This one is a classic and it’s one that your Grandma will absolutely adore, so add the gift set to your shopping list and make her Christmas really special!



That’s our run-down of our top perfume picks for the holiday season of 2018!


Did we miss someone special from our list? Looking for something a little different? No worries!


Check out our huge selection of fragrances, you’re sure to find the perfect present for your loved one right here.


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