The Best Gift Sets for Her

Our Pick of the Best Gift Sets for Women This Holiday Season


Finding the perfect Christmas gifts for the wonderful women in your life sounds pretty straightforward, right?


That’s what everyone thinks until they’re standing in the middle of a busy shopping centre with absolutely no idea what they’re doing.


We’ve all been there, which is why this year we’re taking some time to look at some of our favourite gift sets and who would absolutely love to find them wrapped up under their tree on Christmas day.


Because let’s face it, anything that can make your Christmas shopping easier is a blessing, right?


Best Gift for Your Wife


Finding the perfect gift for your wife is essential if you don’t want to spend the next 12 months in the dog house.


Don’t worry, we’ve found just the thing with this gorgeous Winter in Venice Vintage Cotton Jewellery Case and pamper set.



The set contains some beautiful lily scented bath products, including bath salts, bath soak, shower gel, and body lotion, and comes with a stunning blue jewellery box.


It’s the perfect place for her to store all of her favourite jewellery and trinkets so they’ll be safe and sound, you can’t go wrong with this one!



Best Gift for Your Best Friend


If you and your bestie have been friends for so long that you feel like you’ve bought her every possible present under the sun, then it’s time to think again!


Pick up this Christina Aguilera EDP gift set and watch her face light up the moment she opens it.



The bottles of Eau de Parfum and shower gel contained in this set have a floral, fruity, and beautifully feminine scent that she’ll love.


Not only that, but knowing that this fragrance is from Christina Aguilera will bring back happy memories of the two of you singing along to Beautiful into your hairbrushes as you bounced around your childhood bedroom…


She’d never tell anyone else about that, right?



Best Gift for Your Mum

What does a busy Mum need when she’s finished taking care of everyone else this holiday season? She needs some time to herself, of course!


Luckily, this Winter in Venice pampering bath set is the perfect thing to get her to take some time to herself and relax.



It contains shower gel, body lotion, body butter, and a body spray, along with a beautifully soft wash cloth and stored in a decorative bathtub-shaped caddy.


Perfect for a relaxing bath time, and when she’s used all of her favourite products, she can use her handy bath caddy to store some more, it’s the ideal bathroom decoration!



Best Gift for Your Grandma


If your grandma is anything like mine then she’ll love spending her time pottering around in her garden, making the whole place blooming lovely in time for the Summer months.


That’s why she’ll love this Winter in Venice English Herb Garden wicker basket, not only does it have everything an avid gardener needs, but it’s packed with beautifully floral scented pampering products.



After she’s finished working in her garden with her new trowel, fork, and gardening gloves, she can load them into her handy wicker basket and head back inside to relax.


It’s time to run herself a bath with her English Herb Garden bath soak, scrub off the soil, and enjoy some serious pampering time.



Best Gift for Your Girlfriend

You’re in a panic, you have no idea what to get for your girlfriend and the holidays are getting nearer by the second. What do you do?!


Well for starters, take a deep breath, there’s no point in panicking because we’ve found the perfect gift for you!



This Q-Ki Cosmetics Professional Catwalk Collection makeup set has got everything your girlfriend could possibly need to create stunning makeup looks and a professional looking manicure to boot!


From eyeshadow to lipstick, nail polish to nail files, and much, much more, this is the perfect gift for the woman who always looks ready for the catwalk.



Best Gift for Your Sister


Time to put any sibling rivalry aside and find your sister something she’ll love this holiday season… and yes, that means getting her something you’ll probably be totally jealous of!



This lovely Giorgio Beverly Hills gift set is the perfect present for your beloved sister, and as soon as she sees it, she’s sure to forgive you for any little spats you had growing up… well, mostly!


This set contains a bottle of Giorgio Beverly Hills Eau de Toilette and a matching body lotion that she’ll want to use every day.



Best Gift for Teens


If you know a budding fashionista with a serious love of makeup, then you can’t go wrong with these stunning unicorn makeup brushes.


This set has 24 different brushes with beautiful rainbow unicorn horn handles, perfect for a teen who is building her make up kit.



The set has face brushes, eye brushes, powder brushes and many more, all stored in a handy brush roll.


Now she’ll have everything she needs to follow along with the latest online beauty tutorials and try out all of her favourite fashion guru’s makeup tips and tricks.


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Best Gift for Girls


If you know a little girl who’s super jealous of her mum’s manicure and is always trying to sneak into her sister’s nail polish collection, we’ve found her the perfect present.


This Nail Cube gift set from Bare Faced Chic contains 15 pretty nail polishes; 5 creme, 5 metallics, and 5 shimmery glitter polishes.



It’s enough for a different nail colour every day of the week… or even a different one for every finger!


And the price point means that you won’t have to worry about a youngster’s curious experiments with her first nail polish ending in a very expensive disaster… as long as you make sure you keep a close eye on them while they paint their first manicure!



Best Gift for a Teacher


The lovely teachers out there have spent all year looking after your kids, helping them to be the best they can be, even when your little angels are behaving more like little devils.


They deserve to relax this holiday season and this cupcake gift set is just the sweet treat they need!



This gorgeous cupcake shaped cookie jar is packed with gorgeous berries and cream scented body lotions, bath salts, and bath bombs – perfect for some serious relaxation!


And when they’ve had the chilled-out bath time of a lifetime, they can fill their cookie jar with sweet treats that will put a smile on their face all year round.



Best Gift for You from You


So, you’ve bought presents for everyone and now there’s just one more person who needs something special – you!


You’ve finally sorted all of the gifts and now you need a good stiff drink to help you to de-stress and chill out.


This is why we’re recommending these whisky chilling stones, just cool them in the freezer and use them to keep your favourite drink chilled.



They don’t melt, so you don’t have to put up with your drink turning into water as you finish your glass, and they can be heated up to use in drinks like a delicious mulled wine.


Let’s be honest, kicking back with a chilled glass of wine or a cool gin and tonic sounds pretty fantastic now all of that shopping’s done with, doesn’t it? Go ahead, treat yourself!



Those are our picks for the best gift sets for her, just in time for the holiday season of 2018! But if you don’t think our favourites are quite right for you, don’t panic!


We’ve got a whole range of gift sets ready and waiting to be delivered to your door! Take a look and get those Christmas presents wrapped up for the year.

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James O'Loan - CEO & Superintendent Pharmacist
James O'Loan , CEO & Superintendent Pharmacist on 21 September 2021
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