The Best Beauty Advent Calendars of 2018

Our Ultimate Beauty Advent Calendar Gift Guide


Remember when you were a kid and your favourite part of the Christmas season was opening up your advent calendar every day?


Well who says that fun has to stop now you’re all grown up?


Beauty Advent Calendars are the new advent calendars on the block and they’re perfect for anyone who still wants a taste of that Christmas magic with an added dash of sophistication.


If you’re not sure what to get for the person who has everything this holiday season then you’ve come to the right place!


We’re looking at 10 of the very best beauty advent calendars of 2018 and who will be jumping for joy as they open the doors on each one.


Best Gift for Her


Let’s start with the best beauty advent calendar for her and our hands down favourite is the Sensational Fragrances Advent Calendar for Her.


It’s got 24 beautiful, feminine fragrances that she’ll love to wear for Christmas long.



They come in handy sample sized bottles, so she can pop a different one into her bag and rock a fresh new fragrance every day.


Oh, and did we mention that these cute little bottles are the perfect size for her to take to all of those Christmas parties she’s going to? You’re welcome!



Best Gift for Him


So, you’ve got your perfect Christmas Advent Calendar for her, but what about him?


Well, Sensational Fragrances have you covered here too with their Fragrances Advent Calendar for Him.



Not only would this make the perfect gift for the man in your life who loves to smell amazing, but the pair of Sensational Fragrances advent calendars together would make the perfect double whammy gift for a stylish couple.


Co-ordinated gifts – it’s the future!



Best Gift for Mum


Like I said before, advent calendars aren’t just for kids anymore!


This turquoise Winter in Venice advent calendar is the perfect gift for a Mum who wants to join in on the advent fun.


It’s chock full of luxurious bath products that will remind Mum to take some time out and pamper herself this Christmas.



With all of the Christmas shopping and cooking and wrapping and visiting she’ll be overjoyed to have an excuse to switch off and take some time for herself for a change!


Trust me, she’s earned it!



Best Gift for Grandma

Now Mum’s joining in on the advent calendar fun, there’s no reason why Grandma shouldn’t join in too!


Grandma will love this Morris & Co. Pamper advent calendar, it’s got everything she’ll need to relax in a beautifully soothing bath.



Bath salts, bath foam, bath bombs, bath lotion, and even hand cream, this advent calendar really does have it all and Grandma will love every single bit of it!


When she’s finished spoiling the Grandkids this holiday season, make sure she’s got everything she needs to spoil herself too!



Best Gift for your Daughter


Do you have a young child or grandchild who is constantly staring at their older sibling’s makeup collection with envy?


Pick up the Tilly and Friends Beauty Advent Calendar, it’s full of child-friendly make up, glitter, and nail polish that will make them feel all grown up.



Not only that, but it’ll save their sibling’s expensive makeup from the impending doom of playtime - perfect for avoiding family feuds at Christmas time!



Best Gift for Teens


Is your teenager at that stage when they’re starting to roll their eyes and scoff at childish chocolate advent calendars but still kind of want to join in on the fun?


Reach the perfect compromise with this Bubble Boutique Bath Time advent calendar. It’s full of luxury bath time products that a teenager will adore.



Although, I will warn you, if your teenager spends more time primping and preening in the bathroom than anyone you know, you’ll double that time for the whole month of December!


But it’ll all be worth it when you see just how much they lover their beautifully bubbly advent calendar.



Best Gifts for Your Best Friends


Buying for your best girlfriends doesn’t have to be difficult, not when you could pick up these matching Q-Ki make up advent calendars!


There are 2 gorgeous options to choose from, based on the fashion trends of New York and London, so you can choose which one will be suit your best friends’ unique styles perfectly.



If you want to treat your besties this holiday season, these advent calendars are full of eyeshadows, lipsticks, brushes and everything else your friends will need to put together a stunning holiday makeup look – just in time for their Christmas party!



Best Gift for Your Girlfriend


Before we look at this one, I’d like you to join me in a spot of Christmas carolling. Ready? All together now, “On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…”


No, this advent calendar doesn’t contain a partridge or a pear tree, but it does have 12 gorgeous fragrances that your true love will go crazy for.



If you’re looking to impress your girlfriend this holiday season but don’t want to splash out on 5 gold rings, 4 calling birds, 3 French hens and all the rest, this 12 Days of Advent Fragrance Calendar from Secret Possibility of London is just the gift you need.


Just you wait and see, this one will make your true love fall head over heels for you all over again.



Best Gift for a Teacher


When you’re making up your Christmas list, don’t forget to put your children’s teacher on the list!


They deserve some pampering after putting up with your little Christmas angel all year round!




This Winter in Venice advent calendar has everything a hard-working teacher will need to lie back, relax, and unwind in a luxurious bath.


They’ll be counting down the seconds until term is over, and not just to get a break from school, but because they’ll know these Winter in Venice bath products are waiting for them at home!




There we have it my festive friends, all of the very best beauty advent calendars of 2018!


Is it me, or have we just completed your Christmas shopping for the year for you? No need to thank us, it’s all in the name of that Christmas magic!


Now put your feet up and enjoy a candy cane and some eggnog, you’ve earned it!


Laura Henderson - Medical Content Writer
James O'Loan - CEO & Superintendent Pharmacist
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