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Ovex Tablets & Liquid Suspension

Ovex Tablets & Liquid Suspension

Ovex Threadworm Treatment

Ovex is a range of treatments designed to treat threadworm infections, which are also known as pinworm.

When one of your family has a threadworm infection, it can easily pass from person to person if you’re not careful.

This is why Ovex offers a range of treatments, including a handy family pack which contains 4 tablets, one for each of your family.

With Ovex, you can feel confident that the whole family will get rid of that pesky threadworm fast!

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How does Ovex treat threadworm?

How does Ovex treat threadworm?


Ovex threadworm treatments contain an active ingredient called mebendazole.


Mebendazole is a type of medication known as “anthelmintics”.


These kinds of medications work by keeping the small, thread-like worms that have caused your infection from absorbing the sugars they need to live, effectively starving them.


This means that when you take Ovex, your infection should clear within a couple of days, as the worms begin to die off.


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