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Golden Eye is a brand with product lines for eye treatments. It offers a seamless application for general eye infections and irritations. The brand of products are ointments that are directly applied onto the surface of the eyeball or the affected areas. Do not worry about the doctor's prescription as you wouldn't need any for these over-the-counter range of eye medications.


What is the main ingredient?

Propamidine is the major ingredient in Golden eye products. The compound is antibacterial, and it functions by getting rid of bacteria that tends to spread in the eye and form an infection as it does. Whatever measure of bacteria that remains after the application of Propamidine is expelled by your immune system.


The range of products are four and they include:

Blepharitis & Conjunctivitis:

These comes as 0.1% w/v eye drops liquids with Propamidine isetionate that clears the affected areas of bacteria that manifests as conjunctivitis and eyelid inflammation.


Styes: This product comes as a gel which has a major formulation called Dibrompropamidine isetionate. This ingredient works by getting rid of bacteria that manifests as eye irritation. The eyeballs and the eyelids are often affected when the bacteria attacks. These attacks can result in the form of Styes, conjunctivitis, or blepharitis. You can wear your contact lenses after using this eye ointment, and not during the medication.


Acute bacterial conjunctivitis: This is an eye drop solution that contains an active antibiotic formulation called Chloramphenicol. It is effective for the treatment of acute bacterial conjunctivitis. This condition is an irritation that affects the topmost part of the eye. You are not expected to wear any contact lenses in the course of applying this medication.


Golden eye is a common household name because it has been a trusted remedy for ages.

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Showing 2 results