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Fixodent Is Available At Chemist-4-U

Fixodent is a denture adhesive that doubles as a cleanser that offers a strong, long-lasting hold on dentures whilst giving confidence when the user smiles.  Coming highly recommended, Fixodent helps to keep food from staying between the gums and dentures by creating an adhesive seal that restricts dentures slipping when the directions are followed closely.

Follow as directed for use, do not use more than more than 1-1.5g, using more than the recommended amount will result in the adhesive overflowing from the edges of the dentures. It is recommended that you use the product once a day for better results. If you adhere to the instructions on the user guide, the tube should serve for a long period.

Follow these tips for easy application:

1. Before using Fixodent, make sure that you do not have any saliva or food particles on your dentures.

2. Apply small dots of Fixodent on the denture pallet so that the adhesive can spread when the dentures are inserted into your mouth.  Try not to apply it too close to the edge of your dentures as this will increase the chances of running over the sides. If it does run over, try applying a little less adhesive to the dentures.

3. Put your dentures into place in your mouth.  You should hold the dentures in place until the adhesive is dry.

To remove the dentures:

1. Rinse your mouth with warm water or a mouth wash that you are comfortable with, Chemist-4-U has plenty to choose from.

2. Push against the teeth and try and break the seal at the back of your dentures by rocking them towards the front of your mouth.  If the seal fails to break, try some more warm water or mouthwash and then try removing the dentures again.

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Showing 5 results