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Bonjela is an oral treatment brand that has been used across various continents, to relieve pain associated with baby teething, mouth ulcers, denture sores and brace sores. The brand produces a variety of products to cater for the specific need of the target user. Such products include: Bonjela Teething Gel, Bonjela Cool and Bonjela Original.

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Bonjela Available from Chemist-4-U

Bonjela contains the active ingredients cetalkonium chloride (an antiseptic) and choline salicylate. However, in the UK and Ireland, the Bonjela Teething Gel is made with lidocaine and cetalkonium chloride as its active ingredients. This is because Salicylate based products is forbidden for minors under 16 years in these regions.

How does Bonjela Help with Ulcer and Dental Sore?

Ulcers occur when there is a wound to an internal (soft) tissue. When such a tissue is in the mouth, it’s called mouth ulcer. Mouth sores are also similar, as they are also wounds to the tissue lining of the mouth. Whether it’s an ulcer, sore or teething pain (for babies), the powerful combination of Choline salicylate and Cetalkonium chloride in Banjela, provides the much desired relief.

Choline salicylate is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug that reduces the production of prostaglandins in the area where it is applied. Prostaglandin is what causes pain and inflammation in injured areas. Cetalkonium chloride being a powerful antiseptic kills off fungi and bacteria in the area, thus preventing or eradicating an infection. This effective combination of ingredients offers an effective remedy for mouth ulcers and dental sores. Banjela is considered by many as UK’s best pain relieving gel for mouth ulcers and sores.

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