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Anbesol Liquid Rapid Relief for Mouth Ulcers - 15ml

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Laura Henderson - Medical Content Writer
Laura Henderson
Medical Content Writer
James O'Loan - CEO & Superintendent Pharmacist
James O'Loan
CEO & Superintendent Pharmacist

What is Anbesol Liquid 15ml?

Anbesol Liquid is a pain relief medication that can help to ease discomfort caused by mouth ulcers, teething, denture irritation, or other oral pain. Simply apply the liquid with your finger for fast-acting relief from that annoying ulcer, or to soothe your little one when their teething is getting to be a bit much for them. This product is available in 5ml and 15ml bottles.


How does Anbesol Liquid work to soothe mouth ulcers or teething pain?

Anbesol liquid contains three active ingredients which work together to ease pain in your mouth, these are:

  • 0.9% Lidocaine hydrochloride
  • 0.1% Chlorocresol
  • 0.02% cetylpyridinium chloride

Lidocaine is a local anaesthetic, which means it eases pain wherever you apply it, ideal for concentrated areas of pain such as mouth ulcers or where your baby is getting a tooth. Chlorocresol and cetylpyridinium are antiseptics, which means they kill bacteria, protecting from infection as the mouth or gums heal.


What are mouth ulcers?

Mouth ulcers are small ulcers which can form on the inside of your mouth or on your tongue or gums. They’re usually harmless and should clear up by themselves within 2 weeks, but they can be painful and irritating until they heal. Mouth ulcers can cause discomfort when you eat, drink, or talk, which is why many people reach for pain relief as they wait for their ulcer to heal.


What is teething?

Teething is the name of the process where your baby’s first teeth start to cut through their gums and into their mouth. It’s a perfectly normal and natural part of growing up, but it can be painful or uncomfortable for babies as they wait for their teeth to come through. Some of the most common symptoms of teething include:

  • Red, sore gums where the tooth is cutting through
  • Irritability or crying more than usual
  • Your baby wants to chew or gnaw on things
  • Dribbling more than usual
  • One flushed cheek
  • Your baby is rubbing their ear


Is Anbesol Liquid suitable for babies?

Anbesol is suitable for young children aged 5 months and over, making it the ideal remedy for teething pains. As teething usually begins when your baby is around 6 months old, you will probably be able to use this product when your baby begins teething.


Can I use this product if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, you should speak to your doctor or pharmacist before using Anbesol. The lidocaine in this product can pass into your breastmilk in small quantities, so always speak to your doctor or pharmacist before using this product at these times.


Can I use this product if I’m taking other medication?

If you’re taking any other medication, including those you’ve obtained without a prescription, speak to your doctor or pharmacist before using Anbesol. This especially applies if you are taking:

  • Other anaesthetics or other medications which are similar to lidocaine, e.g. antiarrhythmic drugs such as mexiletine
  • Erythromycin, which is an antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections
  • Itraconazole, which is an antifungal medicine used to treat fungal infections
  • Antiarrhythmic drugs, which are used to control abnormal heartbeats, e.g. amiodarone
  • Cimetidine, which is used to treat stomach ulcers or heartburn
  • Beta-blockers, which are used to treat high blood pressure, heart conditions, and migraines
  • Calcium chloride, which is used to treat hypocalcaemia or as a food additive
  • Codeine phosphate, which is used to treat pain, coughs, or diarrhoea
  • Diamorphine hydrochloride, which is used to treat severe pain
  • Paveretum, which is used to treat moderate to severe pain and calm you down before an operation
  • Quinine hydrochloride, which is used to treat malaria or leg cramps
  • Methylcellulose, which is used to treat constipation
  • Non-ionic surfactants, which are used in medicines, foods, and cosmetics, e.g. Cetomacrogol 1000, polysorbate 80


How to use this liquid

Before using this product, make sure your hands are clean and dry. Cover the mouth of the bottle with a clean fingertip and turn the bottle upside down and then back upright, this will deposit a 0.25ml application of Anbesol liquid onto your fingertip. Apply the liquid directly to the affected area with your finger. The amount of Anbesol you will need to use will depend on your age:

  • For adults and the elderly: Use two 0.25ml applications (0.5ml) at a time. If necessary, reapply after 3 hours
  • For children over the age of 5 months: Use one 0.25ml application at a time. If necessary, reapply after 3 hours. Do not use more than 6 times in 24 hours. Do not use for more than 7 days with each teething episode


When should this product not be used?

Anbesol is not suitable for use in children under the age of 5 months. Do not use this product if you are allergic to lidocaine hydrochloride, chlorocresol, cetylpyridinium chloride, or any of the other listed ingredients. Do not use this product if you have porphyria, which is a disease that causes stomach pain, constipation, changes in the colour of your urine, skin rashes, and behaviour disturbances. Speak to your doctor or pharmacist before using this product if:

  • You have open wounds or damaged areas in your mouth
  • Your symptoms continue for more than 7 days or come back frequently
  • You suffer from alcoholism or have liver disease, epilepsy, or another condition which places you into a group of high-risk patients. This product contains 46.5vol% ethanol (alcohol), which means that every ml of this liquid is the same as 11.8ml of beer or 4.9ml of wine


Can I buy Anbesol over the counter?

You do not need a prescription for Anbesol Liquid, however, you will be asked to complete a short medical questionnaire by your Chemist-4-U pharmacist before we can take your order. This includes some simple questions that all pharmacies legally are required to ask before supplying this kind of product. This helps our pharmacy team to be sure that this product is the best choice for you.


Does Anbesol have any side effects?

Like all medications, Anbesol can have side effects, although not everyone will experience them. These include:

  • Allergic reactions, e.g. difficulty breathing, rashes, itching
  • Mouth ulcers
  • Dermatitis, showing symptoms such as inflammation, redness, itching, scaly skin

If you experience these or any other side effects while using this product, stop use and speak to your doctor or pharmacist. For more information about reporting the side effects of medication, please see the MHRA’s Yellow Card Scheme.


How to store this product

Store in a cool, dry place which is below 25 degrees C. Do not use this product if the expiry date printed on the original packaging has passed. Keep out of sight and reach of children.


Important Information

This product is a medicine; make sure to speak to your doctor or Chemist 4 U pharmacist before taking this product if you have an underlying medical problem or are taking any other medicine or complementary therapy. If your symptoms get worse or continue after taking this product, contact us or your doctor. For medical services in your area, please refer to

If you are pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or breastfeeding, speak to your doctor or our pharmacist before taking this product. If you suffer from any allergies, ask your doctor or our pharmacist if this medicine is right for you.

Store all medicines out of sight and reach of children.

Please read the included leaflet carefully before using this product.

Please contact your GP if appropriate regarding this product.


Helpful Advice on Medication Restrictions & Addiction

For further information on our medication restrictions policy, please click here.

If you are concerned about an addiction to 'over the counter' medication we urge you to visit the below links for professional help and advice:

Anbesol Liquid Rapid Relief for Mouth Ulcers - 15ml Reviews

By Chris Sallaway,
November 18, 2019
Great for babies teething.
By customer denise daniels,
October 24, 2019
Very effective for instant relief,,,could last longer though for prolonged pain

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