Why have I been nominated?

At Chemist-4-U we pride ourselves on our honesty, integrity and ethics. Keeping true to this we would never do anything without your prior consent.

If you have found you have been nominated / your prescription has come to us but are unsure as to why, below are the possible reasons as to why this has happened:

  • 1. You have bought some medication through the Chemist-4-U website. If you had to answer compliance questions you will have been asked if you would like to nominate us as your pharmacy of choice (i). If you answered yes to this you will do or do not pay for your prescription medication and your exemption where appropriate:

  • 2. You or someone you know has registered you either by phone, online via the registration form(ii), or, via one of our Recruitment Agents who has been given consent:

We do ensure the best possible service at all times. However, if you wish to discuss or remove your nomination it can be done immediately. All you have to do is give us a call on 01695 47 44 33 option 1 and one of our pharmacy team will be happy to help.