How it works - A simple step by step process.

1 Placing Your Order
Doctor-4-U offers a carefully selected range of pre-scription medicines and treatments through our online doctor service. To order your medicines online, simply request a private prescription by placing an order. Orders can be placed anytime by using your desktop, mobile or tablet.
2 Suitability Check
Our doctors are on stand-by to reivew your order. Our Doctors will review and assess all orders to ensure treatments are safe and suitable for you to use. In this step, additional health conditions and the use of other medicines will be considered to minimise the risk of side effects and drug interactions.
3 Order Approved
As long as your chosen medicine is deemed suitable for you to use. your order will be approved and a pre-scription will be issued and emailed to our UK dispensing pharmacy. You will be kept up to date every step of the way via email.
4 Dispensing Your Medicine
If your order is approved by our doctors, your private prescription will be emailed straight to our UK dispensing pharmacy, The pharmacy will pick and pack your medicine while performing their accuracy checks.
5 Your Order has been Shipped
When your order is ready for shipping, it will be collected by Royal Mail or DPD. All orders will be assigned a tracking number, which will be sent to you via email at the time of dispatch. Your medicines are sent in plain and discreet packaging.
1. Medical Questionnaire
You will be asked to complete a comprehensive medical questionnaire designed by our doctors to see if the treatment selected is suitable for your condition and needs. You will be asked to create an account with us prior to this to allow us to build a patient history for the doctor to make a safe and informed decision on your treatment
2. Evaluation by Doctor
Our doctors will review your consultation and may contact you via e-mail or telephone if they require any further information or clarification. If your prescription request is approved our doctors will e-mail your prescription to our UK based pharmacy for dispensing
3. Pharmacy Dispenses & Posts your medicine
Upon receiving your e-mail prescription, the UK Pharmacy Innox Trading ltd. will dispense your medication, have final checks done by the lead pharmacist and post via fully tracked delivery to your home or work place. All parcels are sent in discreet confidential packaging.

How to order from Doctor-4-U

  1. Choose the treatment you require.
  2. Read the information FULLY on that condition including the information provided for the medication you have selected
    The Patient Information leaflet for every medicine is provided on the product page. PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY.
  3. You provide the doctor all of your up to date medical information via the questionnaire on the product page.
  4. You can call to speak to our medically trained customer service team at any time if you have any queries.
  5. Complete your transaction by paying for your medication and await contact from our pharmacy regarding updates on your order.

Medical Follow Up

It is really important that you give up to date medical information each time you order. If your condition changes please let us know. We also advise regular check-ups with your own local GP. to monitor your condition and treatments used.

If you do not have a local GP or want to locate services in your area, please follow the link below and enter your postcode.
Find your local GP

Speaking to a Doctor

You can contact at any time to ask a doctor or a pharmacist a question about your treatment or condition.
Please note Doctor-4-u should not replace your regular GP who you should keep updated about your treatment at all times.

Confidentiality and Security

By using this website you agree to your data being shared between Med Connections, the prescribing doctor and the dispensing pharmacy.

Doctor-4-U will never share your personal details or health history except with the dispensing pharmacy and prescribing doctors.
Please see our policy, for details CLICK HERE.


We welcome all kinds of feedback good or bad so please feel free to contact the team or leave us a review CLICK HERE