Strepsils Lozenges for Sore Throats

Strepsils Original, Triple Action & Sore Throat and Cough


If your throat is all scratchy and sore Strepsils lozenges can help to soothe it fast.


Available in a range of flavours, these yummy lozenges help to kill the bacteria that are irritating your poor throat and ease your discomfort.


Some Strepsils lozenges can even help to clear your blocked nose, perfect when a cold has got you all congested and has given you a cough that’s making your throat sore and scratchy.


Suck on a Strepsil for soothing relief that gets to work in just 5 minutes and works for up to 2 hours!

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    Strepsils Extra Strength Blackcurrant - 24 Lozenges
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    Strepsils Sore Throat Pain Relief Honey & Lemon - 24 Lozenges
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    Strepsils Sore Throat & Cough – 24 Lozenges
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    Strepsils Honey & Lemon - 16 Lozenges
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    Strepsils Soothing Throat Spray Honey - 20ml
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    Strepsils Strawberry Sugar-Free – 36 Lozenges
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    Strepsils Honey & Lemon - 36 Lozenges
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    Strepsils Children 6+ Strawberry Sugar-Free – 24 Lozenges
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    This product is suitable for children. Please read the full description for full details.
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