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A product brand that goes back as early as the 1870s, Listerine is known for its famous slogan, “Kills germs that cause bad breath.” Listerine is named for its creator and chemist, Joseph Lister. The brand has been passed around from Warner-Lambert Pharmaceutical Company to Johnson & Johnson until it finally became its own brand name in the early 2000s. What was originally hoped to be a surgical antiseptic proved to have great success as an oral antiseptic and became the United States first mouthwash to be sold over-the-counter.

As Joseph Lister discovered back in the 1800s when a higher percentage of his patients survived after surgeries, Listerine is proven to kill diseases as well as create strong teeth and freshen breath. The products fight Gingivitis and both treat and prevent gum disease. Use of Listerine can significantly reduce the probability of cavities and has even been clinically proven to reduce cavities that already exist. As said in the slogan, the product fights bad breath whether it be halitosis or simply morning breath.

The product brand has grown significantly since its conception and now produces an assortment of oral care products for adults, children, and to be used in professional settings. Smart Rinse is a favourite among children and comes in fun flavours. The product line also includes whitening and fluoride defence antiseptics. There is also a line of naturals made from natural ingredients and zeros which contain no alcohol. Listerine also sells floss and toothpaste and a line of Listerine breath-freshening pocket strips.

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