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When a cold or the flu has you feeling under the weather, there’s nothing more comforting than a nice hot drink - and if that drink can help relieve your symptoms then it’s even better!


This is why we love Lemsip, with its range of delicious hot drinks that can treat your cold and flu symptoms while helping you to feel cosy and comforted.


If hot drinks just aren’t for you, you can try Lemsip capsules, perfect for taking when you’re on the go and need to keep the headaches and sneezes under control.


If it’s a cough that’s driving you crazy, why not try Lemsip cough syrup for chesty or dry coughs?


No matter what cold and flu symptoms are getting you down, Lemsip is there for you.

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  1. Save 15%
    Lemsip Max Cold & Flu Lemon – 10 Sachets
  2. Save 9%
    Lemsip Max Cold & Flu Honey & Ginger Hot Drink - 10 Sachets
  3. Save 7%
    Lemsip Max All in One Cold & Flu Liquid - 160ml
  4. Save 9%
    Lemsip Cough For Mucus Cough & Catarrh - 180ml
  5. Save 6%
    Lemsip Cough For Chesty Cough – 180ml
  6. Save 82%
    Lemsip Cough Max For Chesty Cough & Cold – 10 Sachets
  7. This is a pharmacy medicine which means you will have to answer a short questionnaire before adding to your basket.

  8. Save 12%
    Lemsip Max Day & Night Cold & Flu Relief - 24 Capsules
    This is a pharmacy medicine which means you will have to answer a short questionnaire before adding to your basket.

  9. Save 9%
    Lemsip Cough Syrup For Dry Cough – 180ml
  10. Save 15%
    Lemsip Max Cold & Flu Blackcurrant – 10 Sachets
  11. Save 13%
    Lemsip Cold & Flu Lemon – 10 Sachets
  12. Lemsip Max Cold & Flu Apple & Cinnamon Hot Drinks - 10 Sachets
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Don't just feel better. Feel Lemsip better.
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Does Lemsip make you drowsy?

Lemsip Cold and Flu and Lemsip Max hot drinks usually won’t make you feel drowsy, so they’re perfect when you’ve got a busy day planned and are battling cold symptoms.


If you’re concerned about driving, then you should note that Lemsip Max All-In-One, Cough Max, and Max Day & Night formulas have side effects which can affect your ability to drive, including mental confusion.


If you feel sleepy or experience symptoms which could affect your concentration after taking any Lemsip products, you shouldn’t attempt to drive until the effects have completely passed and you’re feeling back to normal again.

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