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Clinitas is a brand name for high-efficiency eye drops, with sodium hyaluronate as its active ingredient. Clinitas is very effective in providing instant comfort for dry eyes. The use of sodium hyaluronate can be traced back to the early 1970s, when it was sold under the brand name Hylartin and later as Healon in the 1980s. The range of Clinitas products include Clinitas Soothe and Clinitas Hydrate.

Clinitas Soothe is a preservative-free, mild, lubricant eye drop that provides swift lubrication and relief for dry eyes. It is particularly good for busy and active people with gritty, dry eyes associated with inadequate aqueous and mucin layers, which usually results from prolonged exposure to computers, TV or air conditioners. Clinitas Hydrate is a gel drop capable of holding about 6 times its volume in moisture. This greatly enhances its eye-lubricating effect and it’s best used overnight or just after waking up.

How Does Clinitas Work?

The human eye has a tear film which plays a great role in ensuring sight clarity, as well as lubricating and nourishing of the ocular surface. When the dry-eye situation comes in, this function is greatly distorted. Thus, there’s a need for the application of topical lubricants – which is where Clinitas comes in.

Clinitas provides the much needed lubrication, which reduces friction in the eyes and allows the tear film to do its job more effectively. If you experience discomfort occasionally when using your lenses, Clinitas may very well be the best solution for you.

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