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Always is Available at Chemist 4 U

Always is a world-wide, known and reliable brand of female hygiene products, produced by Procter and Gamble. It’s an effective brand of sanitary materials with a diverse product range aimed at helping women successfully go through their menstrual cycles without any hiccup.

Always is a leader in the feminine hygiene products line with a 62 percent market share. It was first launched in the US in 1983 and has since spread to virtually every continent, including Asia and Africa. In Asia, Always is sold under the brand name “Whisper,” while in Italy, it is known as Lines. Always has a wide range of sanitary products including Ultra Thins, Scented Pads, Maxis, Pantyliners, Always Discreet (for incontinence), Feminine cleansing wipes, Always Platinum and Always Infinity.

How Always Works

Once a girl reaches puberty, monthly menstruation (release of blood from the vagina) sets in and continues until menopause (when a woman can no longer conceive). Menstruation occurs as a result of the breakdown of an unfertilized ovum (or egg) in the uterus, which is then expelled as a bloody fluid through the vagina. Since this is an unavoidable monthly “visitor,” then there’s need for a proper way of absorbing the menses and maintaining cleanliness.

This is where always comes in! It is produced with quality materials that “sucks in” fluid, absorbs the fluid and keeps it in.

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  1. Always Sensitive Normal Ultra (Size 1) Sanitary Towels 14 (Case of 8)