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ActiPatch Muscle and Joint Pain Therapy Devices

Actipatch is a therapy device which can help you to manage pain in your muscles and joints. It’s completely medication-free, working wherever you place it on the body to ease pain and inflammation without creating any uncomfortable heat or vibrations. If you suffer with chronic pain and are looking for long-term relief, ActiPatch could be the perfect solution for you.

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Showing 5 results

Can I Use Actipatch for Sciatica Pain Relief?

Can I Use Actipatch for Sciatica Pain Relief?

Sciatica, which is also known as sciatic nerve pain, is a condition where the root of your sciatic nerve is aggravated.


Your sciatic nerve comes out of the base of your spine and travels all the way down your leg, so a bulging or ruptured disc in your lower spine could be the cause of pain from your buttock to your leg, to your feet.


If you’re suffering with sciatica, you’ll be pleased to learn that Actipatch can be used to ease your pain!


Simply apply your Actipatch to your lower back, the source of all your pain, and keep it in place for up to 720 hours of sciatic pain relief that won’t interfere with your movement or day to day life.


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