We at Chemist4U have very strict and high standards that are upheld by our core, our team.
However, there may be the rare occasion where something has not quite gone to plan and you may wish to bring this to our attention.
We will acknowledge your complaint within 72 hours and aim to resolve it within 14 days of receipt. In certain circumstances, however, this may be exceeded but you will be informed of its progress throughout. In most cases, the issue is resolved in a matter of a few days.
To contact us to raise a complains please use out contact us page here or keep reading. for other way of contacting us.
If you are wondering why your prescription has come to us please click here

To call us

01695 474 433

To write to us

Chemist 4 U

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In the event that your complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction, or, we haven’t provided you with a resolution within 6 months, you do have third-party options available to you for your matter to be escalated. These include: Trading standards, Citizens advice Bureau, Your local Health Authority, The retail Ombudsman or you can obtain independent legal advice. See nhscomplaintsadvocacy.org for more information.

We strive to give you the best possible service, and in the unlikely event you have a complaint to raise with us we pride ourselves on reaching a suitable resolution quickly. However, if you feel your complaint has not been resolved adequately then please forward your feedback directly to:

General Pharmaceutical Council

25 Canada Square

London, E14 5LQ

Phone: 0203 713 8000

Customer Satisfaction Survey - Annual Report

1st of April 2016 - 31st of March 2017

The Chemist-4-U customer satisfaction questionnaire is designed to gather information on the journey that a patient takes with us. The questionnaire contains 13 questions and by asking these specific questions, we can collate enough data to come to logical conclusions about our service and identify what areas require improvement. The data can also be used to prioritise these improvements and whether or not a poor score on multiple questions are related.

The areas of service that we look to enhance through the results of this questionnaire are:
  • - Information provided to patients on our website.
  • - The availability of our staff, including our pharmacists, to answer patient queries.
  • - The quality and integrity of products and medications being sent out.

We also look to get an idea of our current patient demographic so we can identify ways to broaden our reach.

In this report you will find:
  • - How patients have scored our services from 1st April 2016 until 31st March 2017 and how they compare to the previous year of 1st April 2015 until 31st March 2016.
  • - Comments that patients have made about our service for both years.
  • - Our evaluation of the scores and comparisons.
  • - Our thoughts on how we can improve for the next year.
  • - A conclusion of findings from the answers provided and the goals we will set ourselves on improving our service.

You can read the full survey in PDF format here: Chemist-4-U Customer Satisfaction Survey 2017 - 2018.

To view previous year's questionnaires, please see below: