Healthy Babies

The facts

Infant mortality in the UK is about 5 deaths for every 1,000 live births.

Of all full-term babies born, almost 3% have a low birth weight.

73% of all mums in the UK breastfeed their babies within 48 hours of giving birth.

However, many do not continue to do so and The Lancet reports that UK mums are the 'world's worst' at breastfeeding according to this BBC article.

Why you should breastfeed

Babies who are given a healthy start from birth have a better chance of enjoying excellent health for the rest of their lives and are less prone to becoming obese later in life.

Breastfeeding reduces the likelihood of constipation, vomiting and diarrhoea as well as eczema, and ear and chest infections.

Where to find more information

Visit these recommended websites to get advice and guidance about breastfeeding your baby:

Benefits of breastfeeding by the NHS

Breastfeeding by the World Health Organisation

Help and support

Not every mum finds breastfeeding easy and natural. That’s why there are support groups to help and advise you.

The National Children’s Trust (NCT) charity is dedicated to providing support and guidance for parents. They run antenatal and postnatal courses, and they have a nationwide network of branches. You can obtain assistance online, over the phone or face to face. You can find your local NCT branch here.

The Breastfeeding Network is another national charity that has over 1,000 trained volunteers who help and support mums in all aspects of breastfeeding.

The Association of Breastfeeding Mothers provides a wealth of information and telephone support.

The La Leche League GB is a long established and renowned champion of breastfeeding and provides a helpline, local groups and a great deal of information

Other baby resources from the NHS

Newborn screening for a range of conditions

Check-ups for your baby’s physical development

Free vaccinations for babies and young children that save lives