Be Active & Eat Well

Being physically active and a healthy diet goes a long way to reducing your cholesterol and blood pressure. It helps to maintain your weight at healthy levels and reduces your risk of heart disease. It also helps you to look good and feel great so it's good for your mental wellbeing too.

Being overweight puts a huge strain on many of your body’s systems creating an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, stroke, digestive/bowel problems and mental health issues.

Carrying around too much excess weight puts a big strain on your system. As well as heart disease, it increases your risk of diabetes, stroke, cancer, bowel and digestive problems. It affects your self confidence and it can magnify issues like loneliness and social isolation. It can also lead to mental health issues.

Physical activity is a major help according to research

  • It prevents many illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke cancer, and many more
  • It actually treats many conditions such as back problems, osteoporosis and more, and is great for easing mental health issues
  • It raises your general sense of wellbeing and self-esteem. Life becomes better.

Where to start

Visit the NHS Choices website for advice and guidance about

For children

Many schools offer programmes that help children to maintain healthy weight. Programmes such as Be Active, Healthy Heroes, National Child Measurement, Eat Healthy Award and so on. Ask about them and help your children get a healthy start in life.

For adults, including the older generation

Many organisations offer activity programmes for all ages and fitness levels. One example is the chair-based exercises offered by AgeUK. The Groundwork organisation promotes cycling and walking activities.

The British Heart Foundation shows you how to achieve 150 minutes of activity per week by breaking it down into easy 10 minute chunks at a time.

Exercise Referral Schemes

You can be referred by your GP or by a health professional to an exercise facility such as a gym or leisure centre if your condition warrants it and if it could be improved through exercise. These schemes are free and are funded by the health services and local authorities. The people who run the schemes are fully qualified and they are very safe.

Weight management programmes

These are usually funded by local authorities and are on a self-referral basis, so you need to find them and apply for them yourself. Your GP or practice nurse will be happy to guide you and provide contact details for the options available. Schemes provided by district councils or leisure trusts may charge a small fee.