Alcohol & Drug Misuse

How widespread is misuse?


More people died from drug misuse last year than ever before.


Many hundreds of thousands of people drink too much = hazardous or harmful amounts of alcohol. It's estimated that 1.1 million hospital admissions were related to alcohol consumption just in England alone in 2016. Almost half these patients were aged between 55 and 74, and two thirds were men. You can read more about these statistics at the Digital NHS website.


It’s estimated that over 100,000 children live with substance misusers – that’s their parents or carers. 6% of 11 year olds said they had tried drugs at least once, compared with 24% of 15 year olds.

What are the risks of misuse?

It’s good to be informed about the effects of alcohol and substance abuse. The NHS choices website is a good starting place for alcohol and drug misuse information. There is loads of information out there if you want to search for more. Another reliable website is the US National Institute on Drug Abuse.

You are not on your own – help is available

We can guide you to free local help and support services in all cities and big towns in the UK. These are a mix of GP surgeries and care centres. They provide specialist trained support and guidance for alcohol or drug problems.

Hundreds of thousands of adults and younger people get this help every year and the data indicates that a growing number of people are in recovery from these problems (meaning those services work in achieving results for you). You will receive sympathetic and experienced help.

Your local specialist services can provide:

  • substitute prescribing
  • advice on reducing harm
  • needle exchanges
  • individual counselling
  • group work
  • referral to residential detoxification and rehabilitation (aged 18 plus)
  • psychosocial interventions

Choose from these services as a first step to getting help:

  • Adults can find contact details for local services at their GP surgery or health centre.
  • Young people up to 25 years can get alcohol and drug help at Young Addaction
  • Phone: 0808 164 0074
  • Facebook:@YoungAddactionLancs