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Tena Slip Super - Small 30 Pack

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Tena Slip Super - Small 30 Pack


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What is Tena Slip Super?

Tena Slip Super are designed to help you or the person you care for to manage urinary incontinence. Perfect for moderate to heavy incontinence, this product stays securely in place, protecting you from leaks and wetness. They can be applied while standing or lying down, perfect for carers who need a solution to incontinence that’s easy to apply and stays secure for as long as you use it.

Why do I have urinary incontinence?

Urinary incontinence can be caused by lots of different things, and it’s a very common problem that many people have to manage every day. Urinary incontinence can range from just a few drops of moisture to frequent leaks or surges that can be hard to manage effectively if you’re not prepared. Some of the most common causes of incontinence are:

  • Obesity

  • Growing older

  • Some medications

  • Some medical conditions

  • Family history of incontinence

  • Pregnancy or natural childbirth

How will Tena Slip Super help me to manage incontinence?

Tena Slip Super have an absorbent core which uses FeelDry technology to absorb wetness quickly, keeping it away from the skin so you’ll feel dry and comfortable. This product also contains an odour neutraliser, which helps to reduce the effects of ammonia, which can cause the unpleasant odours associated with urinary incontinence. This helps you or the person you care for to feel fresh, dignified, and confident.

When would I use this product?

Tens Slip Super score a 7 out of 8 on Tena’s absorbency rating scale. This makes them perfect for moderate or heavy incontinence. The snug, secure fit combined with the breathable, dermatologically tested material makes this product perfect for those who live an active lifestyle or those who move around a lot in their sleep and find that this leaves them vulnerable to leaks in regular pads. They’re also perfect for carers who want to feel confident that the person they’re caring for is secure and comfortable while managing their incontinence.

Will this product fit me?

These Tena Slip Super pads are size small, which means they’ll fit those with hip sizes of 56 - 85cm comfortably, this is the same as 22 - 33 inches. This product is also available in sizes medium and large.

How to use this product

You can apply this product while standing or lying down. First, fold the pad lengthways to form a bowl shape and position it between the legs. Pull the front panel upwards and outwards towards the sides of the hips to position it in place. Then, pull the sides of the back panel forward, covering the front panel, and use the tabs on the back panel to secure it in place. Make sure that the bottom tabs are pointing upwards and the top tabs are pointing downwards and that there is a close fit then secured.

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How to store this product

Keep out of sight and reach of children, the packaging of this product can present a choking or swallowing hazard to children and babies.

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