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Benzocaine Gel, Spray, and Lozenges

Benzocaine Gel, Spray, and Lozenges

Pain Relief for Toothache and Sore Throats

Benzocaine is an anaesthetic ingredient that can ease your toothache, sore throat, or other oral pains.

It’s perfect for those times when you have to wait before you can see your dentist for treatment, or are getting used to new dentures or braces that irritate your mouth and gums.

You can also use benzocaine to ease the pain caused by mouth ulcers as they heal, helping you to eat, drink, and talk comfortably until your ulcer is gone.

Benzocaine is available in popular products from brands like Orajel, Tyrozets, and Ultra Chloraseptic, and can be found in benzocaine gel, lozenges, or throat spray.

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Showing 13 results

How does benzocaine relieve oral pain?

How does benzocaine relieve oral pain?

Benzocaine is a local anaesthetic, which means it works to ease pain by numbing the area of application.

When your body experiences pain, it sends signals to your brain to help you to process the feeling.

Benzocaine works by blocking these signals, easing your pain or irritation in the process.

This makes it ideal for toothache, as it can relieve your pain until you can get to your dentist for treatment, but it’s also effective on other types of pain, like sore throats denture pain.

Simply apply benzocaine wherever you’re experiencing pain and it will get to work quickly, numbing the area so you’ll be pain free.


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