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Cannabidiol CBD Oils, Gel Tabs and E-Liquid

The benefits that are provided by CBD products is becoming more and more accepted in the medical world. That’s why we stock a range of Canabidol oils and gel tablets. Our range of CBD supplements also meets all UK legal and regulatory requirements.

Thanks to the fact our products do not contain THC, you can be sure that you experience no psychoactive side effects, meaning you can keep active throughout the day.

Refined cannabidiol capsules and oils

These flavourless oils and capsules are convenient and easy to take. The capsules are ideal if you are after a premeasured supplement, while the bottled oils allow you to find a dose that suits your personal requirements.

Raw cannabidiol capsules and oils

Whilst the refined cannabidiol is flavourless, raw cannabidiol on the other hand has a particularly intense flavour. If you have no previous experience of cannabidiol oil, you are recommended to try the refined capsules or oils as the raw product has an acquired taste.