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Aspirin Tablets and Dissolvable Aspirin

Aspirin Tablets and Dissolvable Aspirin

Aspirin for Pain Relief

Aspirin is a pain relief medication that can help to ease pain and swelling and bring down a high fever.

It’s perfect for those who are suffering with cold and flu symptoms, period pain, toothache, sprains and strains, and lots of other everyday aches and pains.

Aspirin 300mg is available in solid tablets that you can swallow with a sip of water, or as dispersible tablets that dissolve in water so you can drink the solution, perfect for those who can’t swallow pills.

You can pick up aspirin by itself or mixed with other ingredients like caffeine and paracetamol, which work with aspirin to ease your pain effectively.

You can find aspirin in well known brands like Anadin and Alka-Seltzer, or simply sold in its generic form, they’ll all work well to ease your pain and swelling quickly and easily.

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Showing 14 results

How Does Aspirin Work?

How Does Aspirin Work?


Aspirin works as a pain relief medication and anti-inflammatory by blocking chemicals in your body.


These chemicals, which are enzymes called prostaglandins, are created by damaged tissues and cause swelling in the affected area while sending signals to your brain to tell it that you’re in pain.


By blocking prostaglandins, aspirin helps to ease your pain and reduce your inflammation quickly, keeping swelling under control.


This makes aspirin a perfect remedy for everyday pains like toothache, back pain, period pain, or any other pains that are accompanied by inflammation.


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