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Simethicone for Gas and Bloating

Simethicone for Gas and Bloating

Simethicone Tablets, Drops, and Suspension

Simethicone, also known as simeticone, is an ingredient that can help to ease trapped wind and bloating.

It works as an anti-foaming agent, breaking down trapped wind and relieving symptoms like bloating, pain, and flatulence.

You can but simethicone on its own in products from brands like Windsetlers and Infacol, or combined with other heartburn and indigestion remedies from brands like Rennie, Imodium, and Senokot.

You can pick up simethicone tablets, solutions, or drops over the counter from reputable pharmacists like Chemist 4 U quickly and easily, and get that gas passed!

Showing 13 results

Showing 13 results

How Does Simethicone Relieve Wind?

How Does Simethicone Relieve Wind?


Simethicone works to relieve flatulence and trapped wind by breaking down the gas bubbles in your system.


This helps them to move through the system, relieving trapped wind so it can be passed easily.


When this broken-down gas is eliminated by your stomach, it eases symptoms like bloating and flatulence, making you feel more comfortable and relieving stomach pain.


It’s ideal for those who are suffering with pain caused by trapped wind, and is often paired with other antacids that can ease indigestion and heartburn.


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