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Calcium Carbonate Antacids for Heartburn

Calcium Carbonate Antacids for Heartburn

Calcium Carbonate Tablets and Liquid

Calcium carbonate antacids help to soothe the irritating symptoms of heartburn, acid reflux, and indigestion.

When you’ve eaten one of those foods that cause that annoying burning sensation in your chest, antacids like calcium carbonate can get to work to ease that pain quickly.

You can find calcium carbonate as an active ingredient in remedies like Tums, Gaviscon, and Rennie.

It’s available in tablets and liquids, and often come in delicious fruity or mint flavours, so you can choose the perfect remedy to get your acid reflux under control.

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1-24 of 38

How Do Calcium Carbonate Antacids Work?

How Do Calcium Carbonate Antacids Work?


When you have acid reflux or heartburn, you feel burning or irritation in your chest, behind your heart, as well as other annoying symptoms.


This happens because your stomach acid tries to move back up your oesophagus, causing irritation there and in your sensitive stomach lining all at once.


Calcium carbonate works in the same way that many antacids work, by neutralising your excess stomach acid.


This means that the excess stomach acid that causes this irritation is turned into harmless substances like water, relieving the cause of your acid reflux and that burning sensation in your chest.


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