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Monitoring your blood glucose levels with a blood test is a pretty quick and simple process that many people with diabetes choose to do at home. Just take a little blood and use your glucose testing strips and monitor to see how high your blood sugar levels really are. But drawing even a little drop of blood for a test is a process that needs to be done carefully and properly to avoid injury and infection, this is even more important if you need to test regularly.

What are lancets?

A lancet device contains a thin, sterile needle that you can use to draw a tiny drop of blood from your finger, or wherever you choose to test from, quickly and easily. Lancets from popular brands such as Accu-Chek, Microlet, and One Touch are comfortable ways for those with diabetes to get the blood they need for their blood sugar tests, helping you to test in a way that’s both safe and convenient.

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Showing 17 results