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Echinacea Tablets for Cold and Flu

Echinacea Tablets for Cold and Flu

Echinacea Herbal Tablets and Liquid

Echinacea, which comes from the echinacea purpurea plant, is an herbal remedy traditionally used to ease the symptoms of cold and flu.

The echinacea purpurea plant is found in wooded areas of North America, and is a part of the daisy family, with a purple flower which blooms in Summer.

Echinacea is a popular herbal remedy for a blocked nose, sore throat, coughs, sneezes, and other cold and flu symptoms.

Echinacea is the key ingredient in A. Vogel’s Echinaforce tablets and drops, as well as other herbal remedies for colds.

How Does Echinacea Work for Cold and Flu Symptoms?

How Does Echinacea Work for Cold and Flu Symptoms?


Echinacea is thought to work by boosting your immune system, which helps your body to fight off pesky colds and the flu.


It’s traditionally used during cold and flu season to help to ease your symptoms and may help to increase your resistance to viral illnesses.


If you prefer traditional herbal remedies to other medicines, echinacea could be the ideal product for you as we head into the long cold and flu season for another year.


Echinacea is available in tablets, drops, and lozenges, so you can choose the best herbal remedy for your symptoms, with lozenges being ideal for a cough or sore throat, and tablets or drops helping to ease other cold and flu symptoms too.


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