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A dry, tickly cough is one of the most common types of a cough. When suffering from a dry cough, there won’t be any mucus produced but there will be constant irritation caused by a cough. A dry cough and a tickly cough are treated using the same medicines.

Symptoms To Watch For

  • A tickly feeling in your throat that causes you to cough.
  • Your cough can be felt in the throat rather than the chest and is NOT accompanied by mucus.

Your cough can be caused by a number of conditions. This includes allergies such as hay fever, bronchitis, smoking, and heartburn. These may have resulted in an irritated area in your throat that "tickles" causing you to cough. 

Medicines for dry and tickly coughs contain cough suppressants which reduce the urge in the brain to cough or reduces the sensitivity in the irriated area. These are available in a variety of formats including syrup, lozenges, and capsules. Some can be purchased off the shelf but others require approval from our pharmacist. 

Usually, a cough will go on its own after 3 weeks, but with the right solution, you will experience reduced symptoms and may recover sooner. 

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Showing 15 results