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If you are suffering from a chesty cough, there is a high chance that there is phlegm or mucus that is causing a blockage in your chest, making it feel heavy.

A chesty, mucus cough is caused by too much phlegm being created. Phlegm is created in order to fight against an infection by trapping dirt and bacteria. It is usually caused by a condition such as a cold.

Chesty and mucus cough treatments work by helping to reduce the symptoms of a cough such as a blocked or runny nose or a sore throat. Cough medicines for chesty coughs often contain "expectorants" that target the excess phlegm. They help to fight the symptoms of the cough by loosening or thinning mucus, allowing it to be expelled or processed more easily.

On its own, a cough can take up to three weeks to be treated by the body naturally. Treatments for a chesty or a mucus cough include syrup medicines, tablets, and capsules. These all help to reduce the symptoms of a cough and aid in the recovery.

For dry and tickly coughs, we offer a range of products that help to relieve the symptoms. To know what treatment you need, then check out our guide.

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