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Cold & Flu

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Cold & Flu Tablets, Syrups, and Hot Drinks

Cold and flu season gets to us all, whether you pick up that lurking office cold, share the Fresher’s Flu with your new flatmates, or somehow manage to catch a pesky Summer cold. No matter when and where you’ve caught your cold, we have remedies that can help you to feel better when you’re under the weather. This includes tablets, liquid medicines, and powders you can make up into soothing hot drinks.

What is the best cold and flu relief for me?

The best cold and flu relief for you will depend on your symptoms and what you’ll personally need to help you feel better. If you’re suffering from a blocked nose, a decongestant could be just the ticket to help you feel better. That annoying headache, sore throat, and fever could all be treated with some paracetamol or ibuprofen, while your pesky cough could use some cough medicine. If you’re struggling to work out which is best for you or have an underlying medical condition that makes choosing medicines difficult, we recommend asking our pharmacists or your GP for advice before heading back here to pick up the best remedy for you.

Cold & Flu

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