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No matter how hard you try, but every person in this world catches common cold and flu. This problem is generally more common during the period of season change and if taken care of at its early stage, it can be easily cured within a few days.

Chemist-4-u is an online pharmacy that provides medicines for fighting cold and flu at its early and late stages with effective results.

From Paracetamol tablets that are taken with water provide relief against fever, cough, sore throat and body pains to syrups that provide relief for sore throats, congested chests and aid in sleeping.

Apart from these, Chemist-4-U also provides decongesting rubs, throat sprays, etc. All these products offered at our website are provided by leading brands like Nurofen, Disprin, Lemsip, Beechams, Benylin and more.

Note: If the symptoms persist, we recommend taking advice from a doctor and a face-to-face consultation. Please read instructions before use.

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